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Foundation Scholarship

Foundation Scholarship is a College institution with a long history and high prestige. The objective of the Foundation Scholarship examination is to identify students who, at a level of evaluation appropriate to the Senior Freshman year, can consistently demonstrate exceptional knowledge and understanding of their subjects.

The questions that are asked in the engineering scholarship exams are very challenging. They test a student’s ability to think laterally, to solve unfamiliar problems and to tackle problems from first principles.  Although the syllabi for the scholarship exams and the end of year exams are the same, the nature of the questions in the scholarship exams is more challenging. A good scholarship question will require a creative leap or a deep insight of the fundamental principles. The most important skill that is developed in an engineering education is problem solving. The most difficult problems to solve are those that are unfamiliar, that require a fundamental understanding of the basic principles and that require the student to make a creative or innovative leap.

This academic year the Foundation Scholarship Examinations will be scheduled to begin on Monday 9 January 2017 (although it may be necessary to schedule some examinations in the preceding week).  Applications to sit this examination must be submitted online to the Examinations and Assessment Team in the Academic Registry using the following link: 2016/17 Foundation Scholarship Application Form.  This link will only be available from 9am on Tuesday, 1 November 2016 until 5pm on Tuesday 15 November 2016. No applications will be accepted after this date/time.  Applicants must be fully registered for their course of study in the current academic year by the application closing date. 

For more details on the Foundation Scholarship and to access past papers, visit the Academic Registry website at

2016/17 Foundation Scholarship Syllabus