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Engineering BAI Year 4

In the fourth year of the Engineering course, students are afforded the opportunity to further specialise in elective options offered by each of the Engineering streams - for example, in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, students get to choose, in addition to the Management for Engineers course and the Mechanical Engineering project, 6 to 8 subjects from 16 elective options available - the number chosen depending on the ECTS credits. Many of these courses in the fourth year are now single-term course thus allowing for greater flexibility and increased specialist knowledge whilst ensuring graduates are ready to meet the challenges of the outside world.

One of the core components of the fourth year in each of the Engineering specialisms is the Project, which accounts for one third of the overall end-of-grade. Students are expected to work in their own time, under the guidance of a supervisor, for a total of approximately 250 hours over the course of the first two terms. The final year project gives students the opportunity to put into personal practice the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the Engineering programme. Students gain experience of independent enquiry and investigation of a practical engineering problem, application or topic. Each project is separate, though some projects have teamwork elements - for example, as part of the work of a research group.

Teaching in the fourth year takes place during the first two terms, allowing students the third term to concentrate fully on preparing for their final examinations which begin towards the end of May each year.All successful candidates at the final Engineering examinations automatically qualify as Chartered Engineers with Engineers Ireland allowing them to practice all over the world and Trinity-educated Engineers are amongst the most sought after professionals by the worlds leading Engineering firms and, indeed, in other areas such as finance, telecommunications, IT and teaching.

Study Abroad During Fourth Year

There is also the option for students to spend the fourth year of the course abroad studying in a European university - upon successful completion of this year, students return to Trinity to resume their studies in the 5th year of their chosen specialism (M.A.I.). Further information on this option is available from the Engineering School Office (

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