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Áine Cahill wins the Maurice F. FitzGerald Prize 2016

15 February 2017

Aine Cahill, winner of Maurice F Fitzgerald Prize 2017
Áine Cahill, winner of the Maurice F. FitzGerald Prize 2016

The Maurice F. FitzGerald Prize was instituted in 1961 by a bequest from Anna Maria Fitzgerald. It is awarded annually where sufficient merit is shown, on the nomination of Trustees, and on the basis of final examination results for the degree of B.A.I. at Trinity College Dublin. Candidates must have achieved distinction during the engineering course, and be making satisfactory progression of their knowledge in the profession of engineering.

Áine Cahill specialised in Electronic and Electrical Engineering in Trinity College Dublin and graduated with a gold medal in her Bachelors of Engineering in November, 2016. Áine absolutely loved her undergraduate studies in Trinity, really enjoying collaborating with her creative and motivated classmates, learning from her inspiring professors and actively participating in Trinity’s sports clubs and societies.

Áine was elected a Scholar of Trinity in 2014. During her undergraduate degree, she gained academic research experience on Bayesian optimal decision-making during her Bachelor’s thesis, on nanomaterials in CRANN, TCD and on microwave signal processing in Notre Dame University, US, thanks to a Naughton Fellowship. Áine gained industry research experience on medical device design with Laerdal in Norway and on telecommunications with Huawei in China.

She is the recipient of the 2016-2017 Pat McMahon Scholarship and is currently studying for a Masters in Electronic Engineering, which is jointly taught by San Jose State University and Dublin City University. Áine is researching elliptic curve cryptography in Cypress Semiconductors in Silicon Valley for her master’s thesis.

In September 2017, Áine will study for the MPhil in Machine Learning, Speech and Language Technology in Cambridge University. In the future, she hopes to study for a PhD in computational neuroscience and machine learning, and to collaborate with other researchers to develop brain-computer interface systems to improve the language and memory of people suffering from neurological diseases, including Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease, whose language and memory has been negatively affected.

Áine aims to enjoy every day of her engineering career and, inspired by Gandhi, to ‘be the change (she) wishes to see in the world’.

The Trustees for this prize include the Provost, Dr. Patrick Prendergast, Professor Henry Rice (Head of the School of Engineering), Associate Professor Alan O’Connor (Director of Undergraduate Teaching and Learning – School of Engineering), Assistant Professor Michael Brady (School of Computer Science and Statistics) and Mr Finbar Callanan (former Director General of Engineers Ireland).  


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