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The School of Engineering Hosts the UNITECH General Assembly 2015

17 September 2015

The UNITECH Graduation Ceremony at the Public Theatre. Pictured from left to right: outgoing Rector of Chalmers University of Technology and UNITECH President, Prof. Karin Markides, UNITECH vice-president of Corporate Partners, Dr Willhelm Otten from Evonik and the Provost, Dr Patrick Prendergast

The School of Engineering hosted the UNITECH International Start-up Week and General Assembly 2015 over the course of seven days from 29th August to 4th September which saw almost 300 participants visit the College representing UNITECH Internationals academic partners, corporate partners, alumni and participating students.


The highlight of the week was the UNITECH Challenge, a public symposium held on 3rd September in the Ed Burke Theatre entitled ‘Reimagining University-Industry Collaboration to Create the Next Generation of European Engineers’. It asked the question what will the “future shapers” of European Engineering need - and how can we develop them?

This unique forum brought together the collective experience of the participants with contributions from the Provost, Dr Patrick Prendergast, the outgoing Rector of Chalmers University of Technology and UNITECH President, Prof. Karin Markides, the Head of the School of Engineering, Assoc. Prof. Brian Foley, the Chief Technical Officer of Vodafone, Madalina Suceveanu, the Chief Technical Officer of Bühler Group, Ian Roberts, Prof. Thomas Gries from RWTH Aachen, Dr Adam Crawford from Loughborough University and Marta Serrabou and James Deighton from the UNITECH Alumni Association.   

UNITECH International Graduates 2015

The week ended with a graduation ceremony held at the Public Theatre for students who had successfully completed the UNITECH programme. The ceremony was presided over by the Provost Dr Patrick Prendergast, outgoing UNITECH president, Prof. Karin Markides, and the UNITECH vice-president of Corporate Partners, Dr Willhelm Otten from Evonik.

To celebrate the end of a very successful week, a reception was held in the Dining Hall followed by a celebration event in the Alexander Hotel.

Brian BroderickUnitech Academic Programme Director at Trinity College Dublin, Prof Brian Broderick, says that 'participation in the Unitech programme has given over 50 Trinity Engineering students the opportunity to study and learn at some of Europe's top universities and companies. We are very proud to have hosted the Unitech General Assembly Week, and used its various events to build connections with senior representatives of the other academic and corporate partners. These should lead to greater educational and research benefits in the years to come'.

UNITECH International is a consortium of leading European universities and engineering companies dedicated to the development of young engineering talent. Students take part in an academic exchange with one of the academic partners and an internship with one of the corporate partners together with receiving intensive coaching over three weeks from members of the UNITECH office, academic partners and corporate partners. Collectively, the UNITECH corporate partners employ over one million people worldwide, while total student enrolment in the academic partners approaches 100,000.

Other events of the week:

Start-up Week


The new UNITECH students began their year with group project work and coaching from the UNITECH coaching team.

The Ideas Fair


The Ideas Fair held in the Lower Concourse in the Arts Building allowed the start-up week students to showcase their work to the academic and corporate partners.

The Stakeholders Fair


The Stakeholders Fair held in the Samuel Beckett room in the Arts Building offered the opportunity to meet the students, academic partners and corporate partners of UNITECH International.

The Career Interviews

The Samuel Beckett room was turned into a 28 booth interview room. Students and alumni interviewed for internship and graduate job opportunities with the corporate partners.


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