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The Trinity Centre for BioEngineering Welcomes Transition Year Students

6 March 2015

The Trinity Centre for BioEngineering was delighted to welcome this year’s group of students to the TCBE Transition Year Programme which took place from the 23rd-27th February 2015.
During the week, secondary school students obtain a unique insight into all aspects of biomedical engineering and are provided the opportunity to design next generation medical devices targeting a specific medical problem. Students learn and experience key research themes including Neural engineering, Tissue Engineering, Biomaterials, Musculoskeletal and Medical Devices. They gain hands-on experience in research and practical skills in TCBE’s state-of-the-art laboratories. The students were assigned an innovation design project to solve a real medical need which they worked on throughout the week and presented with great enthusiasm on the final day. Thank you to all staff and students involved from the School of Engineering for their continued support and help in running this programme.

The TCBE Transition Year programme inspires younger students to pursue further study in the field of bioengineering which is reflected in their comments:
“I would definitely explore the possibility of working in this field of study now that I have a deeper understanding”
“I like medicine and how the body works so to combine it with engineering is very cool”
“Working on the design project was really interesting for learning how to solve a problem”
“It is an area that appeals to me because it combines a lot of mechanical engineering with the body and creates interesting solutions”


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