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Trevor OrrTrevor Orr Awarded Crampton Prize from the Institute of Civil Engineers

23rd May 2013

Trevor Orr has been awarded the Crampton Prize from the Institution of Civil Engineers for his paper “The effect of Eurocode 7 on geotechnical design: a review”, which was published in the Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers journal - Geotechnical Engineering in December 2012. The prize is awarded annually by the ICE for the best paper on practical geotechnical engineering. Trevor Orr has received this award after many years work on Eurocode 7. During this time he has written many papers on Eurocode 7, co-authored two books on it and presented many invited lectures and courses.

Eurocode 7: Geotechnical Design is one of the suite of new harmonized European standards for the design of buildings and civil engineering works using different materials, including soil, published by CEN, the European Committee for Standardization. Trevor Orr has been actively involved in the development of Eurocode 7 since its inception in 1981. He was a member of the original drafting panel and is presently convenor of the CEN Evolution Group 3 (EG3) preparing model design solutions to Eurocode 7. One of the objectives of the Eurocodes is the removal of technical obstacles to trade in construction in Europe and hence, since 2010, they have replaced the previous different national design standards. The Eurocodes are all based on the same limit state design method and aim to achieve construction works that have an appropriate level of safety and reliability. The challenges in developing Eurocode 7 was to prepare a standard for geotechnical design involving a natural material, soil, that: a) was consistent with the Eurocodes for manufactured materials, such as steel and concrete, b) took account of the existing geotechnical design experiences and different ground conditions throughout Europe, and c) was accepted by all the CEN member countries. In his paper, Trevor Orr has reviewed how the introduction of Eurocode 7 and its innovative concepts have affected geotechnical design practice in Europe.

Through his involvement in the development of Eurocode 7, Trevor Orr, is one of the invited lecturers in an International Workshop on Eurocode 7 to be held in Trinity College in June 2013 that is being organised by the EU’s Joint Research Council (JRC) and by the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government as a contribution to “The Gathering” in 2013.

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