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New Baby Wrap Invention Makes Babies Safer in Cars

7th April 2016

Entrepreneur Christine Carolan has invented the Cosynest, a baby wrap which allows babies to be better secured into their car seat.

Associate Professor Ciaran Simms from the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering carried out high-speed crash testing which has shown that the product came out as the safest compared with a conventional snow suit-style restraint. In the case of the traditional snow suit, one of child restraints partly came off during the test which greatly increases the risk of ejection and injury. Both restraints remained in place with the Cosynest as the design ensures they fit closer to the body as there is less fabric in between.

Associate Professor Ciaran Simms said that retaining the child in its car seat is crucial to its safety. "The Cosynest showed a better capacity to retain the child in the seat than a conventional snow suit".

Listen here to Christine Carolan and Ciaran Simms on Today FM.


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