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Brief History of the School

1947 ClassThe School of Engineering in Trinity College Dublin was founded in 1841. Initially, the duration of the engineering course was two years but was extended in 1845 to three and in 1957 to four years. Diplomas were awarded at first and the Degree of ‘Baccalaureus in Arte Ingeniaria’ (BAI) being instituted in 1872.

In the early development of the School, the accent was on Structural and Hydraulic Engineering, but in the 1960s, alternative courses were established to enable the study in the later years of Civil Engineering, Mechanical/Production Engineering, Electronics or Computer Science.

In 1969, a major restructuring of the curriculum took place. During the first three years, the course provided was a basic one in engineering science and computer science, with a wide range of options in the final year in the general areas of Civil, Electrical/Electronic, and Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineering and Computer Science.

In 1981, a new curriculum was introduced to meet the needs of the government expansion in technological education. During the first two years, students follow a common curriculum of basic courses, and may choose from a number of modules in the third and fourth years of the degree programme. These modules are grouped in such a way as to permit students to specialise in one of the following streams of the engineering profession:

  • Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering
  • Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Electronic and Computer Engineering
  • Computer Engineering

Further information on choosing between streams is given to students towards the end of their second year and students are normally permitted to change stream up until Christmas in the third year.

The Bachelor of Engineering Science degree (BAI) is accredited by Engineers Ireland (EI), the statutory body responsible for awarding the title Chartered Engineer (CEng) to those holding recognised primary degrees and following a period of post-graduate training and experience. Honors BAI graduates are automatically entitled to become ordinary members of Engineers Ireland and use the designation MIEI. The BAI is also recognised by a large number of major engineering institutions outside Ireland.