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Graduate Research Education Programme in Engineering (GREP Eng) 2011-2015



martin holmes

Martin Holmes – Acoustic Analysis of Respiratory Sounds for Assessment of Pulmonary Function - for further information on Martin's research click here

alejandro lopez valdes

Alejandro Lopez Valdes - Exploring electrophysiological correlates of cochlear implant user performance via single channel electroencephalography - for further information on Alejandro's research click here

michael crosse

Michael Crosse - Development of an EEG-based System Identification Approach for Measuring Audiovisual Speech Integration in the Human Brain - for further information on Michael's research click here

"In terms of my progression, I'm starting a postdoc position with Prof. John Foxe and Dr. Sophie Molholm in the Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York in April. There, I will be applying techniques that I developed during my PhD to more clinically-focused research. Specifically, I will be investigating whether neurophysiological indices of impaired multisensory processing can be used to develop a biomarker of autism severity."


Gillian Gunning - Characterization and Decellularization of the Mitral Valve


Henrique Vazao de Almeida - Porous decellularized engineered cartilaginous tissue as a bioactive scaffold for articular cartilage repair


Masooma Naqvi - Optimum Cell source, Biomaterial and Microenvironment to Promote Regeneration of the Nucleus Pulposus of the Intervertebral Disc (IVD) - for further information on Masooma's research click here


Gerard Cooney - A Wound Closure Device for Laparoscopic Surgery


Jacob Mealy - Development of Hydroxyapatite Scaffolds for Use in Bone Tissue Engineering


Laura Frey - Development of active implanted electrode systems for chronic neural applications


Clive Curley -