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Energy - DIT Modules for the GREP Eng Programme

Code Title  Descriptor
MECH9015 Advanced Energy Engineering Economics
MECH9000 Advanced Dynamic/App Computer Modelling
ADEN2211 Advanced Energy Systems
SSPL9032 Climate Change-Policy&Analysis
CIVL9003 Climate Resilient Infrastructu
DATA9900 Data Mining
EMGE2214 Embedded Generation - (Wind Ge
ENCO1104 Energy Conversion & Use
CIVL9006 Energy Infrastructure
ENMP1104 Energy Mang Principles and Pra
ENMA2219 Energy Markets
ENMG9000 Energy Project Appraisal
ENPU2220 Energy Purchasing
ENER1702 Energy Supply
CBEM1412 Engineering Systems Simulation
GEMA2219 Gas & Electricity Markets
LELD2218 Low Energy Lighting Design
POWE1950 Power Elect. Energy Convers. S
POSA2213 Power System Analysis
MECH9016 Renewable Energy Engineering
REEN2215 Renewable Energy Technologies
STAT1950 Statistical Analysis for Engin
MATH9856 Statistical Models and Methods
SUBD2212 Sustainable Building Design
WEES1701 Wind Energy for Electricity Su