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Voluntary Tuition Programme

Dean of Students' Roll of Honour 2014

Two of our Ph.D. students, Ludovic Highman and Connor Tiarnach O'Donoghue have been placed on the Dean of Students' Roll of Honour. The ceremony took place on Trinity Thursday in the Dining Hall.

The ceremony and award recognizes student learning through voluntary activity throughout the year. In selecting students for this prestigious award, the Review Committee also places great emphasis on personal reflection and development.

Ludovic Highman: Ludovic was a tutor in French, reading and maths at the St Andrews Resource Centre on Pearse Street. The Voluntary Tuition Programme is a partnership between Trinity students, parents and volunteers from the local communities of Pearse Street and Ringsend. Every year the VTP matches students with children and teenagers from nearby schools to help with homework and encourage them to consider third-level education. As a tutor, he was able to engage on a one-to-one basis with children aged 10 and help them with their homework and also answer their queries about "Trinity College", what he was studying there and why. This hopefully broadened their vision of the range of subjects you can study at university while promoting the image of the college to children in neighbouring communities. 

Connor Tiarnach O'Donoghue: As a student representative in the School of Education, Connor established a communications network to reach out to part-time postgraduate research students who are spread across Ireland and the world, and kept students informed of activities and events in the School. He promoted funding opportunities, conferences and publications among the student body and participation in all of these has risen. Connor organised IT training events for students and have played an active role in internal seminars and conferences. He also organised social events. In his time in the School of Education there has been a notable increase in research student activity, and he hopes that his work in community-building and outreach has contributed to this increase.



Last updated 11 April 2014