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Ahead Conference Dublin Castle March 2014

Dr Conor Mc Guckin keynote speaker

Disablist Bullying and Getting the Chance to Progress to Higher Education: Educators as Barriers to Inclusion, Dr. Conor McGuckin, Trinity College Dublin

The AHEAD Conference 2014 was a huge success with 200+ attendees descending on Dublin Castle from across the world to share ideas about including studentswith disabilites in all aspects of the college experience.

For many students with disabilities, the 'real world' starts in college. Inclusion in this environment comes in many forms. It's more than what happens in the lecture hall, it's about all aspects of higher education. This one day conference focused on including students with disabilities in the whole college experience and focussed specifically on:

  • Teaching and Learning/Assessment.
  • Openness to different disabilities, (dyslexia, mental health, autism, others).
  • Work placement/ Professional internships /Graduate Recruitment.
  • Assistive Technologies/ Solutions.
  • Student Union / Clubs and Societies.
  • International education/ Erasmus/ Study abroad
  • The conference was aimed at students and academics with an interest in teaching and learning, professionals supporting students in the 3rd level sector, students union representatives and other interested parties.

Last updated 27 September 2017