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Research Staff

Prof.Michael GrenfellDr David LimondDr Andrew LoxleyDr Stephen MintonDr Carmel O'SullivanDr Aidan Seery

Dr Ann Devitt

Research AreasDr Ann Devitt

  • Language in Education (classroom discourse, textbook analysis, second language teaching and learning)
  • Teacher Education and Reflective Practice
  • Computational Text Analysis (natural language processing, sentiment analysis, corpus linguistics).

Recent Publications

  • Ann Devitt and Khurshid Ahmad, The language of emotion and financial news, XVI European Symposium on Language for Special Purposes (LSP07), Hamburg, Germany, 27-31 August 2007, edited by Walther von Hahn, & Cristina Vertan, Peter Lang, 2010
  • Ann Devitt, Lexical cohesion in the language of science textbooks , ECER 2011 (European Conference on Educational Research), Berlin, Germany, 13-16 September 2011, 2011
  • Ann Devitt, Sean Devitt, Marita Kerin and Elizabeth Oldham, Back to school: how becoming a reflective learner impacts on practice, European Conference on Educational Research 2011, Berlin, Germany, 13-16 September 2011, 2011

Dr Paula Flynn

Research Areas

  • Learner Voice; Critical ethnography and the tension between the 'insider' and the 'outsider' role in participatory research; Critical perspectives of inclusion and exclusion; 'Dilemma of Difference' - perspectives of difference and the lenses of 'normality'; the 'hidden curriculum' of schools; relational care in the context of education; 'leadership for learning'.

Recent Publications

  • Paula Flynn (2013) ‘The transformative potential in student voice research for young people identified with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties’ Special Edition: Examining Theory & Practice in Inclusive Education. (2013) Trinity Education Papers, editors Fiona Smyth and Michael Shevlin, Volume 2, Number 2 pp 70 - 91
  • Michael Shevlin, Eileen Winter and Paula Flynn, (2013) Developing inclusive practice: teacher perceptions of opportunities and constraints in the Republic of Ireland, International Journal of Inclusive Education, 17, (10), 2013, p1119 – 1133
  • Paula Flynn, Michael Shevlin, Anne Lodge, (2012) ‘Pupil Voice and Participation: Empowering Children with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties’ editor(s)Ted Cole, Harry Daniels, John Visser , Routledge International Companion to Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, Oxon and New York, Routledge, 2012, pp246 – 253
  • Michael Shevlin and Paula Flynn, (2011) ‘School Leadership for Special Educational Needs’  editor(s)Helen O'Sullivan and John West-Burnham ,Leading and Managing Schools, London, Sage, 2011, pp126 – 140
  • Paula Flynn, Michael Shevlin, Anne Lodge, (2011) Are you listening? I'm Me!, Reach, 25, (1), 2011, p60 – 74

Dr David Limond Dr David Limond

Research Areas

  • History of education (especially 1960s/1970s UK 'progressive' education and sex education)

Recent Publications

  • Limond, D (forthcoming/ in press) ‘The Jesuits, Mary and Joseph: The Catholic Workers’ College, Dublin 1951-1966’, History Ireland (2012)
  • Limond, D (forthcoming/ in press) ‘The UK Edition of The Little Red Schoolbook: A paper tiger reflects’, Sex Education (2012)
  • Limond, D (forthcoming/ in press) ‘Silencing the ‘Other’ Black Paper Authors’, History of Education Review (2012)

Dr Andrew LoxleyDr Andrew Loxley

Research Areas

  • Higher Education policy and practice, social exclusion/inclusion, visual methodology.

Key Publications

  • Prosser, J. and Loxley, A. (2008) Introducing Visual Methodology, ESRC, Swindon.
  • Thomas, G. and Loxley, A. (2007) Deconstructing Special Education and Constructing Inclusion., Second Edition, Maidenhead, Open University Press.
  • Prosser, J. and Loxley, A., (2007) Enhancing the contribution of visual methods to inclusive education, Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs, 7, 10, pp55–68.

Dr Conor Mc Guckin

Research AreasDr Conor Mc Guckin

  • Bully/victim problems among school pupils: nature, incidence, correlates, and management.  Recent work has been in relation to cyberbullying (EU projects) and Disablist Bullying (SCoTENS funded research).
  • The 'transition' experiences of students with special educational needs (SEN).  Current funded research (National Council for Special Education) is exploring the transition experiences of students moving from second level education to further and higher education.
  • The application of psychological theory and research to the area of Educational Guidance and Counselling.  In particular, attention is directed towards practitioners' knowledge of, and compliance with, international standards regarding the use of psychometric instruments.

Recent Publications

  • Purdy, N., & Mc Guckin, C. (2011). Disablist bullying: An investigation of student teachers’ knowledge and confidence. A Report for the Standing Conference on Teacher Education North and South (SCOTENS). Report published by The Centre for Cross Border Studies for the Standing Conference on Teacher Education North and South (SCOTENS). (ISBN: 978-1-90644-33-4: Available at:
  • Mc Guckin, C., Lewis, C. A., Cummins, P. K., & Cruise, S. M. (2011). The stress and trauma of school victimization in Ireland: A retrospective account. Psychology, Society, & Education, 3 (1), 55-67.
  • Mc Guckin, C., & Lewis, C. A. (2008). Management of bullying in Northern Ireland schools: a pre-legislative survey. Educational Research, 50(1), 9-23. doi: 10.1080/00131880801920361 (ISSN: 0013-1881:

Dr Stephen James MintonDr Stephen James Minton

Research Areas

  • Applications of Psychology in Educational Practice
  • Addressing Prejudice in and through Educational Practice
  • Aggression Studies 

Recent Publications

  • Minton, S.J. (2012). Using Psychology in the Classroom. London: Sage.
  • Minton, S.J. (2011). Experiences of and perspectives on homophobic bullying amongst a sample of upper secondary school students in Ireland. Presented at the 15th European Conference on Developmental Psychology, Bergen, Norway, 23rd – 27th August.
  • Minton, S.J. (2010). Students' experiences of aggressive behaviour and bully / victim problems in Irish schools. Irish Educational Studies, 29(2): 131–152. 

Dr Damian Murchan

Research Areas

  • Assessment policy (system evaluation & accountability, international comparative assessment & implementation)
  • School-based assessment (classroom/teacher-developed assessment, role of formative interventions in promoting learning, diagnostic assessment in mathematics, computer-based assessment)
  • Teacher professional development

Recent publications.

  • Murchan, D., Shiel, G., Mickovska, G (forthcoming/in press).   An education system in transition: assessment and examinations in the Republic of Macedonia.   Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy & Practice,(2012).
  • Murchan, D. & Oldham, E. (2011). Exploring diagnostic error analysis methodologies in the context of e-assessment in primary-level mathematics.  Paper presented at the 12th annual meeting of the Association for Educational Assessment - Europe, Belfast, November.
  • Murchan, D., Loxley, A., & Johnston, K. (2009). Teacher Learning and Policy Intention: Selected Findings from an Evaluation of a Large-Scale Programme of Professional Development in the Republic of Ireland. European Journal of Teacher Education, 32(4), 455 – 471.

Dr Colette MurphyColette Murhph

Research Areas

  • Life and work of Vygotsky; coteaching and cogenerative dialogue; science education

Recent Publications

  • Murphy, C and Scantlebury, K (eds) (2010) Coteaching in International Contexts, Springer ISBN: 978-9048137060
  • Murphy, C (2012) Vygotsky and Primary Science, in: Fraser, B.J., Tobin, K.G. and McRobbie, C.J. (Eds) Second International Handbook of Science Education, pp. 177 – 187, pub: Springer ISBN: 978-1402090400
  • Colette Murphy, Laura Lundy, Lesley Emerson & Karen Kerr (2012): Children's perceptions of primary science assessment in England and Wales, British Educational Research Journal, DOI:10.1080/01411926.2012.674921

Dr Carmel O'Sullivan

Research Areas

  • The work of Brazilian theatre director and practitioner Augusto Boal
  • Drama and Theatre in Education
  • Drama and special needs education
  • Active and participatory modes of teaching and learning in formal and non-formal educational settings

Key Publications

  • O’Sullivan, C. (2010) [in press] Role-Play. In: Research Methods in Education. Seventh edition. Edited by L. Cohen, L. Manion and K. Morrison. London: Routledge.
  • O'Sullivan, C., McNulty, U., Conroy, L., Walsh, A. and McKernan, D. (2010) [in press] Asperger Syndrome and Social Skills Education through Creative Drama. In: Creative Studies for the Caring Professions. Edited by Denise Lyons. Dublin: Gill and McMillan, pp. 178-189.
  • O'Sullivan, C., McKernan, D., O’Halloran, S. and Rowland, J. (2009) Asperger Syndrome: A Practical Guide for Parents, Teachers, Young People and Other Professionals. [2 hour DVD] Dublin: Specialist AV Ltd.

Dr Maija Salokangas

Research Areas

  • Education policy, leadership and governance
  • Comparative & international education

Recent Publications:

  • Salokangas M. & Kauko J, (forthcoming) Yksityiset toimijat julkisen koulun hallinnossa: kuka kantaa vastuuun? in editors Janne Varjo & Mira Kalalahti, Kasvatussosialogian vuosikirja, Suomen Kasvatustieteellinen Seura
  • Salokangas, M. (2014) School - university partnerships: border crossings as ‘a legal alien’. in, (editors) Helen Gunter, Dave Hall, Colin Mills , Education policy research: design and practice at a time of rapid reform, Bloomsbury, pp. 55-66.
  • Salokangas, M. & Chapman, C. (2014) Exploring Governance in Two Chains of Academy Schools: A Comparative Case Study, Educational Management Administration & Leadership, 42, (3), pp. 372-386.
  • McGinity, R & Salokangas, M.  (eds) (2014) ‘Embedded research’ as an approach into academia for emerging researchers, Management in Education, 28, (1).

Dr Aidan SeeryDr Aidan Seery

Research Areas

  • Educational theory and philosophy; epistemologies and traditions of educational research; higher education

Recent Publications

  • Loxley, A and Seery, A, (2012) "Must be Able to Demonstrate Level 5 Criticality?" Exploring the role of professional doctoral education in CPD in Ireland. Studies in Higher Education, 37, (1). DOI:10.1080/03075079.2010.489148.
  • Seery, A. (2011) The Philosophy of Education in, editor(s)Walsh, B. , Education Studies in Ireland, Dublin, Gill and Macmillan, pp. 5 – 33.
  • Seery, A. (2010) Education the formation of self and the world of Web 2.0, London Review of Education, 8, (1), pp. 63 – 73.

Dr Michael ShevlinDr Michael Shevlin

Research Areas

Developing inclusive learning environments:

  • Examining special educational provision in Irish schools ( –longitudinal study funded by the National Council for Special Education).
  • Exploring the aspirations, experiences and outcomes for young disabled people in Ireland (Quali-TYDES project with Dr Fiona Smyth and funded by European Science Foundation)
  • Analysing the transition experiences of students with special educational needs:
  • Second level to further/higher education (with Dr Conor Mc Guckin and funded by National Council for Special Education)
  • University to employment (with Disability Services, TCD/ Dr Conor Mc Guckin a Leonardo EU programme)

Recent Publications

  • Griffin, S. & Shevlin, M., Responding to Special Educational Needs: An Irish perspective (2nd edition), Second, Dublin, Gill and MacMillan, 2011
  • School leadership for special educational needs in, editor(s)Helen O' Sullivan & John West-Burnham , Leading and Managing Schools, London, Sage, 2011, pp126 - 140, [Shevlin, M. & Flynn, P.]
  • Rose, R., Shevlin, M., Winter, E. and O' Raw,P., Special and inclusive education in the Republic of Ireland: reviewing the literature from 2000 to 2009., European Journal of Special Needs Education, 25, (4), 2010, p357 – 371
  • Inclusion and Teacher Training in, editor(s)V. Timmons & P. Noonan Walsh , A Long Walk to School: Global Perspectives on Inclusive Education, Boston, Sense Publishers, 2010, pp137 - 150, [Shevlin, M. and Kearns, H.]
  • Valuing and learning from young people in, editor(s)R. Rose , Confronting Obstacles to Inclusion: International responses to developing inclusive education, London, Routledge, 2010, pp103 - 121, [Shevlin, M.]
Rose, R. and Shevlin, M., Count Me In: Ideas for Actively Engaging Students in Inclusive Classrooms., London, Jessica Kingsley, 2010

Dr John Walsh

Research Areas

  • Higher education in Ireland;
  • Educational policy at a local, national and international level;
  • The interaction between church and state in education;
  • History of educational ideas.

Recent publications

  • Walsh, J., ‘A quiet revolution - international influence, domestic elites and the transformation of higher technical education in Ireland, 1959-72’, Irish Educational Studies 2011,30:3, 365-381
  • Walsh, J., The Politics of Expansion: a study of educational policy in the Republic of Ireland 1957-72 (Manchester University Press, 2009)
  • Walsh, J., ‘Have the Snakes Come Back? The Family and the defence of traditional Catholic education in Ireland’, History of Family: International Quarterly, 13: 4 (2008), 416-25
  • Walsh, J., Patrick Hillery: The Official Biography (New Island Press, 2008).

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