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An article by Dr Miriam Twomey 'Transitions: Space and Place' [exploring the use of puppets as intermediaries in the transitioning of young children with autism in early educational settings] was published in The Children's Research Digest. Volume 3 Issue 2, in December 2016 ➤➤ Further details HERE.


Professor Michael Shevlin edited a special edition of the European Journal for Special Needs Education "Postsecondary Educational Opportunities for Students with Special Education Needs" ➤➤ Further details HERE.

Dr Esther Murphy (visiting research fellow of The School of Education) recently published an article entitled "Responding to the needs of students with mental health difficulties in higher education: an Irish perspective" ➤➤ Further details HERE.

17th February 2017


Research Digest

Carol-Ann O'Sioráin 'Where are we going? Looking for a Road Map in Supporting Literacy Development for Children With Autism' and Dr Patricia McCarthy 'Reflecting on the Lived Experiences of Blind/Vision Impaired People with a Focus on Improved Long-term Educational Outcomes' articles feature in Children's Research Network ezine, June 2016 issue. View HERE.




Ability Awareness Week

Ability Awareness Week in St. Joseph's Secondary School, Rush, Co. Dublin was a wonderful success (11th - 15th April 2016) and hopefully this is something which we can find sponsorship and support to share with primary, post-primary and colleges around the country in due course. Many congratulations to all the students and staff involved in Rush last week, with special thanks and sincere congrats to Ms. Ann Marie Caulfield for the co-ordination of the week's events and to Ms. Caroline Cutliffe and Mr Fergus McDermott most particularly for the wonderful dramatisation of 1916 on Friday - in the words of one of the students I interviewed, 'it was truly an experience of real inclusion right there before our eyes' - how wonderful is that!!


The Learner Voice Conference, 'Nothing about us without us'; listening to the voices of our students' which took place on 26th/27th June 2015, received extremely positive feedback from participants across a broad representation of stakeholders in education. This representation included students from primary, secondary and tertiary education; parents; teachers; principals; policy makers; researchers and academics.

It was truly a learning community encompassing learner voice in action! One delegate summed it up by stating he was "inspired and energised for two days in TCD – it was the first time I personally felt that student voice was being validated in the Irish education community as the Student Voice / Learner Voice / Pupil Voice community both emerged and became one. It was great to listen to all the speakers, including Alison and Dana as well as all of us working here in Ireland and to see our work reflecting and reflected in a whole range of settings. Bringing the voices of the young primary school students and the older PP students added real authenticity to the conference"

Another delegate came away "totally inspired, and richer for the networking with those of like mind, some of whom I believe will join forces in the foreseeable future, to transform the educational experience in this country for many, especially for those who are at risk of falling through the cracks in its processing system".

Full details of the programme ➤➤HERE [PDF].

L-R: Dr Paula Flynn and Dr Alison Cook-Sather

Fiona Smyth and Michael Shevlin from the School of Education recently published two further articles with their colleagues from the European QualiTYDES project. "Pathways to inclusion in European higher education systems" was published in ALTER the European Journal of Disability Research, and "Paving the way through mainstream education: the interplay of families, schools and disabled students" in Research Papers in Education. The QualiTYDES project ran over the past four years and saw the participation of over eighty young people with disabilities across the four countries. Following on from a comparative study of inclusive education policy in the QualiTYDES partner countries, these papers used participants' life-story accounts to examine the impact of policy and provision on educational experience and opportunity. The QualiTYDES researchers from all four countries would like to thank again the study participants who gave so generously of their time and insights.

An article by Dr Paula Flynn has recently been published in the NEW ZEALAND JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL STUDIES | TE HAUTAKI MĀTAI MĀTAURANGA O AOTEAROA Volume 49, Number 2, 2014. The article is entitled 'Empowerment and transformation for young people with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties engaged with student voice research'. Further details HERE

Announcement of new collaborative research partnership – Learner Voice Research Study

Dr. Paula Flynn is the principal investigator for a study involving the collaborative partnership of the IES Research Group, the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) and the National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals (NAPD). This new collaborative project was launched at the Student Voice Seminar – 'I'm Me, Learner Voice Research; Partnership and Planning' recently. The event was attended by principals and teachers from schools involved in student voice research during different phases of study with Paula and provided opportunities to share the learning experience with the research partners and partnership schools. The overarching focus to this two year study is to determine how to include student voice in education planning such that there is an embedded culture of 'shared language', 'co-construction' and a strategy that will provide a sustainable structure and response to student voice both for schools and the NCCA ➤➤ More Information HERE [PDF].

Conference | Early Intervention in Ireland - Where do we go from here?: National and International Perspectives - 21st November 2014

We would like to thank all those participants who attended the IES conference on Early Childhood Intervention on November 21st. Your contributions facilitated a wonderful and vibrant event.
We value your attendance and look forward to the development of new and exciting conversations relating to Early Childhood Intervention in Ireland. We would also like to thank all our speakers and believe that the knowledge they shared will help immensely in the development of this area which will ultimately help children and families. Their presentations have created new insights into this area.

Presentations: Early Intervention in Ireland - Where do we go from here?: National and International Perspectives - See below:

Prof. Manfred Pretis | Presentation [PDF]
Dr Miriam Twomey | Presentation [PDF] | Reflection [PDF]
Dr Orla Doyle | Presentation [PDF]
Dr Sue Soan | Presentation [PDF]
Dr Helen Lynch | Presentation [PDF]
Dr Michelle Share | Presentation [PDF]
Professor Richard Layte | Presentation [PDF]
Shona O'Donnell | Presentation [PDF]
Dr Siobhan MacCobb |Reflection [PDF]
Claire Carroll | Dessemination [PDF]
Prof. Nóirín Hayes | Reflection [PDF]

National Forum For The Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education | On Thursday 25th September, Dr. Esther Murphy with TCD's School of Education and AHEAD co-ordinated the National forum for the enhancement of teaching and learning funded seminar "Addressing access challenges for students with visual impairments making transition into further and higher education" ➤➤Read More [PDF]

PowerPoint Slides | Rachel Hewett ➤➤ View Here [PDF] | NFB Resolutions ➤➤ View Here [PDF

Fiona Smyth, Michael Shevlin and Paula Flynn from the School of Education have published an article with their colleagues from the European QualiTYDES project in the European Journal of Special Needs Education. "Inclusive education in progress: policy evolution in four European countries" looks at the status of inclusive education in Ireland, Austria, Spain and the Czech Republic and how it has developed in recent decades, as each country has attempted to align international policy with educational provision in their very different systems.

The QualiTYDES project has run over the past three years. In addition to this exploration of policy, it saw the participation of over eighty young people with disabilities across the four countries. Further publications from the project will look at the impact of policy and provision on educational and other opportunities for participants across the life course. Further details HERE.

Terence MacSwiney Community College in Knocknaheeny, Cork is one of the schools which has been involved in the' Learner Voice Research Study, I'm Me Programme' (Inclusive Methods in Mainstream Education) since September 2013. Dr. Paula Flynn is the primary investigator of this research which is situated within the Inclusion in Education and Society (IES) Research Group in collaboration with the National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals (NAPD) and with the support of the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA).

Students in each of the participating schools identified an issue of concern or interest for their respective school and determined the research question specific to that school as the focus of data collection for the remainder of the school year. Subsequently, adult and student participants in schools have been participating in a learner voice process to elicit perspectives of their school experience from students. The objective of this process is to empower the participants and provide opportunities to identify, improve upon or generate supports that impact on learning, engagement and enjoyment of school. The primary aim of the project is to encourage insights from the student participants on any of the identified issues for enquiry and to facilitate opportunities for 'learner voice' that may encourage an experience of empowerment or 'leadership for learning/engagement' and/or improve the experience of school for the student participants.

As part of the process in their school, students from Terence MacSwiney Community College came together with their teacher, the project co-ordinator in their school Kathy O'Sullivan, and with Garry McCarthy who is a rap artist and music producer (Garry McCarthy Workshops to write the lyrics to 'Change Round Here'[PDF] and send out a message on how they would like to influence change in attitudes and practice in school. LISTEN and enjoy....rap to the music!

Dr. Michael Shevlin and Paula Flynn | International Journal of Inclusive Education ➤➤ Read More

IES Conference 25th April 2012, Trinity College Dublin 9am-4.15pm ➤➤ Conference News Update[PDF]


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