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Inclusion in Education and Society (IES)

Terence MacSwiney Community College in Knocknaheeny, Cork is one of the schools which has been involved in the' Learner Voice Research Study, I'm Me Programme' (Inclusive Methods in Mainstream Education) since September 2013. Dr. Paula Flynn is the primary investigator of this research which is situated within the Inclusion in Education and Society (IES) Research Group in collaboration with the National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals (NAPD) and with the support of the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA).

Students in each of the participating schools identified an issue of concern or interest for their respective school and determined the research question specific to that school as the focus of data collection for the remainder of the school year. Subsequently, adult and student participants in schools have been participating in a learner voice process to elicit perspectives of their school experience from students. The objective of this process is to empower the participants and provide opportunities to identify, improve upon or generate supports that impact on learning, engagement and enjoyment of school. The primary aim of the project is to encourage insights from the student participants on any of the identified issues for enquiry and to facilitate opportunities for 'learner voice' that may encourage an experience of empowerment or 'leadership for learning/engagement' and/or improve the experience of school for the student participants.

As part of the process in their school, students from Terence MacSwiney Community College came together with their teacher, the project co-ordinator in their school Kathy O'Sullivan, and with Garry McCarthy who is a rap artist and music producer (Garry McCarthy Workshops to write the lyrics to 'Change Round Here'[PDF] and send out a message on how they would like to influence change in attitudes and practice in school. Listen and enjoy....rap to the music!

***Dr. Michael Shevlin and Paula Flynn have had an article published in the International Journal of Inclusive Education >>>Read More

For the past decade colleagues in the School have been developing a focus on the educational and social inclusion of marginalized groups within society. Research outputs have included government sponsored reports, journal articles and Northern Ireland, UK and European collaborations. More recently colleagues in the School have formed a research consortium with Irish and UK colleagues and are working on several major research projects, including:

  • Project IES (Inclusive in Education and Society) (3 years).
  • Transitions for students with disabilities and/or SEN into third level and further education. (18 months)
  • Qualitative Tracking with Young Disabled People in European States. Quali-TYDES project (PDF)
  • Inclusive Research in Irish Schools (PDF) (Project IRIS)
  • The Special Class Model in Ireland: How is it working for pupils with special educational needs in mainstream schools? (With the ESRI)

International conferences have been targeted for dissemination of research and the consortium is actively seeking to establish a European network to address the issues of educational and social inclusion.

Ph.D. students associated with IES;

Lucie Corcoran >>[PDF]Lucie Corcoran

Stella Long >>[PDF]

Peadar Donohoe >>[PDF]
Patricia Mc Carthy >>[PDF]Patricia Mc Carthy
Alison Doyle >>[PDF] Colin Mc Elroy >>[PDF]
Kate Carr-Fanning >>[PDF]Kate Carr Fanning
Aoife Mary O'Brien >>[PDF]Aoife O'Brien

Colleen Horn >>[PDF]

John O' Malley >>[PDF]
Dr. John Kubiak >>[PDF]  

Convenor: Dr. Michael Shevlin

Recent conferences: IES 25th April 2012, Trinity College Dublin 9am-4.15pm Conference News Update[PDF]


Last updated 27 February 2014