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Research Events

Research Events

School of Education Lunch Time Research Seminar Series 2016/2017

29th September 2016 Dr Colette Murphy 'Decolonising Educational Research'
27th October 2016 Emma Farrell 'Losing the plot: meaning and the livid experience of third level students with mental health problems'
24th November 2016 Dr Keith Johnston 'Digital Strategy for Schools: Past lessons and Current Priorities'
26th January 2017 Dr Ann Devitt Network Science: new departures in language acquisition research
23rd February 2017 Dr Stephen James Minton "The West's Awake!" A Community Development Approach to Preventing and Dealing with School Bullying and Violence
30th March 2017 Dr Patricia McCarthy 'A GPS navigation System for future educational experience of blind/vision impaired young people'
27th April 2017 Catherine Bruen 'Virtual Patient Simulations to support development of Integrated Clinical Consultation and Communication Skills in Undergraduate Medical Students'
25th May 2017 Mary Mullaghy 'STEM career choices: barriers and influences - a snapshot of the current view of Generation Z in Ireland'
29th June 2017 Dr Carmel O'Sullivan 'The Career LEAP Programme: Work Readiness for Young Unemployed'

School of Education Lunch Time Research Seminar Series 2015/2016

24th September 2015 Dr Stephen James Minton ‘Education and Marginalisation: “Norwegianisation" and the Sámi People’
22nd October 2015 Dr Erika Piazzoli 'The aesthetic dimension of drama-based Second Language learning: What do participants say (and not say) about Engagement?'
26th November 2015 Dr Mark Prendergast 'An investigation into the time allocated to teaching mathematics in Irish second level schools'
28th January 2016 Dr Aidan Seery 'The educational encounter as Event'
25th February 2016 Declan Reilly 'Are we levelling the playing field? Exploring if reasonable accommodations provided to students with disabilities in higher education remove barriers and impact on the student experience'
31st March 2016 Carol Ann O'Siorain 'Emerging themes from an inquiry into literacy skills development in children with autism'
28th April 2016 Dr John Walsh 'The culture wars in Irish higher education: Trinity, UCD and the creation of the National University of Ireland'
26th May 2016 Dr Brendan Tangney, Dr Katriona O'Sullivan & Ms Cliona Hannon "Trinity Access 21 – A Design Based Research Project Addressing Social Exclusion and 21st Century Learning"
30th June 2016 Marita Kerin

The Tightrope Walker Presents a Rose (Bodley, 1976): Artist and audience as partners in performance.

School of Education Lunch Time Research Seminar Series 2014/2015

2nd October 2014 Marita Kerin A Perfect Pitch? The Pedagogy of Performance
30th October 2014 Guest speakers: Prof Michael Kamen & Prof Stephen Marble 'Supporting Interdisciplinary Inquiry Pedagogy with Pre-service Teachers'
27th November 2014 Dr Ann Devitt, Dr Joe Condon, Ms Gene Dalton, Ms Jane O'Connell 'An maith leat Gaeilge? An analysis of variation in primary pupil attitudes to Gaeilge in the Growing Up in Ireland study'
29th January 2015 Ms Melanie Ní Dhuinn 'Family-School Connections; an Irish post-primary perspective'
3rd March 2015 Joanne Profetto-McGrath, University of Alberta

'Questioning: A Critical Thinking Development Strategy'

26th March 2015

Ms Genevieve Murray


'From the school yard to the staff room' exploring the bullying phenomenon with post primary teachers in Ireland'

30th April 2015 Dr Colette Murphy "STEM Education Research and Communication - new directions?"
28th May 2015 Dr Susan O'Neill (visiting speaker) 'Young People's Artistic Lives: Mapping Arts Learning Ecologies'
25th June 2015 Prof. Noirin Hayes 'Artful Dodgers: Artists in Early Years settings'

Podcasts Lunch Time Seminar Series 2014/2015

No 1: 2nd October 2014 | A Perfect Pitch? The Pedagogy of Performance presented by Martia Kerin, School of Edcuation, Trinity College Dublin


No. 2: 30th October 2014 | Supporting Interdisciplinary Inquiry Pedagogy with Pre-service Teachers' presented by Prof Michael Kamen & Prof Stephen Marble, Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas


No 3: 27th November 2014 | 'An maith leat Gaeilge?' An analysis of variation in primary pupil attitudes to Gaeilge in the Growing Up in Ireland study.
Presented by Dr Joe Condon (DIT), Ms Gene Dalton (TCD), Dr Ann Devitt (TCD), Ms Jane O'Connell (TCD) & Ms Melanie Ni Dhuinn. PowerPoint presentation HERE [PDF]

No 4: 26th March 2015 | 'From the School Yard to the Staff Room' - exploring the bullying phenomenon with post primary teachers in Ireland presented by Genevieve Murray


No 5: 30th April 2015 | STEM Education Research and Communication - new directions?"Presented by Dr Colette Murphy


School of Education Schedule of Research Seminars 2013/14




26th September 2013

Dr Colette Murphy

Vygotsky - The Mozart of Psychology

24th October 2013

Maija Salokangas

Autonomy in English Academy schools: rhetoric and reality

28th November 2013 Dr Andrew Loxley & Dr John Walsh 'The Hunt Report: Yes another Irish Solution to yet another Irish Problem?'
30th January 2014 Dr Aidan Seery, Dr Andrew Loxley & Dr John Walsh 'Postdoctoral Researchers' Lives'
6th March 2014 Dr Conor Mc Guckin & Dr Lucie Corcoran 'Cyberbullying: Myths & Reality'
27th March 2014 Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin 'Developing problem solving approaches within the project maths classroom - Initial Research Findings'
29th May 2014 Dr Michael Shevlin 'Examining Case Study Research WIthin a Longitudinal Study: Some Reflections'
19th June 2014 Dr Carmel O'Sullivan '12 New Subtypes Within Autism Spectrum Disorder'

Events 2013 - 2014

RISE Research Group 21st May 2014 Education in the 21st Century: Student Perspectives on Junior Cycle Reform
Dr Ann Devitt & School of Languages & Education 14th November 2013 One Voice For Languages
Dr Carmel O'Sullivan & Aspire - Two Day Conference 9th November 2013 Challenging DSM-5
Dr Carmel O'Sullivan - AERG Research Group 18th July 'The Edge' by Edward Bond
Hosted by REAMS in association with CAVE Research Group 12th June 2014 Exploring Difference & Diversity in Irish Higher Education 2013
Dr Michael Shevlin / Dr Paula Flynn -IES Reseacrch Group 6th June 2013 Inter-University Symposium
Dr Colette Murphy - RISE Research Group 22nd May 2013 Education in the 21st Century: Philosophy, Aims and Opportunities Associated with Junior Cycle Reform

Events of 2012 - 2013

Professor Lucy Green, University of London (AERG) Title: Informal Music Practices and Formal Music Education: Some Illustrations from the Classroom and Studio.
The Arts Education Research Group: Guest singer songwriter Ralph Mc Tell Informal learning and the biography of place (habitus and field) & artistic biography and how it impacts on artistic output

Previous Events of 2011 - 2012

Dr.Michael Shevlin, School of Education, Trinity College Dublin. Inclusion in Education and Society (IES) Examining Theory & Practice in Inclusive Education
Prof. Michael James Grenfell, Ms. Marita Kerin & Dr. Carmel O'Sullivan. Trinity College Dublin. Arts in Education Research Group (AERG) Launch of Research Arts Group

Previous Events of 2010 - 2011

Professor Marie Mc Carthy, School of Music, Theatre and Dance, University of Mitchigan Arts Education and Social Transformation: Imagining a Better World
Elan Sicroff The Music of Thomas de Hartmann
Professor Lizbeth Goodman, UCD Chair of Creative Technology Innovation Building the Ark - Designing Inclusive and Accessible Learning Spaces Live and Online

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