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Michele Giblin

Thesis Title: Was it worth it? Exploring the experiences of Trinity College mature student graduates.

Supervisor: Dr Andrew Loxley


Michele Giblin has a degree in Psychology and Sociology from Trinity College Dublin.  She has been awarded a Government of Ireland postgraduate scholarship by the Irish Research Council (IRC) and is currently completing a PhD in the School of Education, TCD.  This qualitative case  study is situated within a broad social mobility paradigm and aims  to explore, evaluate and contribute towards the field of knowledge with respect to the experiences of mature graduates who have completed undergraduate degrees at Trinity College Dublin.

Research interests

  • group dynamics
  • social and personal identity
  • social categorisation
  • drama
  • higher education
  • policy development


Giblin, M. (2012)  Was it worth it? The social, personal and economic returns of a third level education to mature students, a case study of Trinity Graduates in March, C (ed.) Adult Education and Well-being: Proceedings of the 42nd Annual SCUTREA conference (University of Leicester Institute of Lifelong Learning, Leicester)

Conference participation

Giblin, M. Transition or Transformation?  Exploring the experiences of mature graduates.  Workshop: - Institutions and Industries in flux: crises, shortcomings and opportunities  Modest Proposals, Trinity College Dublin, July, 2013.

Giblin, M. Transition or Transformation?  A case study of mature student graduates from Trinity College Dublin. Exploring Difference and Diversity in Higher Education Conference, School of Education, Trinity College Dublin, June, 2013.

Giblin, M. What lies behind success?  Exploring the experiences of mature students in third level.  All-Ireland Conference for Doctoral Researchers in Education Conference, University College Dublin 2013.

Giblin, M. Rethinking the relationship between education and social mobility: A case study of Trinity College Dublin mature students.  Discourse, Power and Resistance Conference (DPR 13), Greenwich University London, April, 2013.

Gibin, M. The College Journey as described by Mature Graduates (Phases 1 and2) Discourses of Inclusion in Higher Education, Open University, Milton Keynes, April,  2012.

Giblin, M. The College Journey as described by Mature Graduates (Phase 1)  Social Class and Educational Aspiration: A postgraduate conference and workshop British Sociological Association, UELA, London,  March,  2012.

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