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Jillian Kellough

Thesis Title: Exploring teacher learning and implementation of assessment for learning through a virtual learning environment

Supervisor: Dr. Damian Murchan


Jillian Kellough is a qualified primary and literacy teacher, Jill has experience teaching in both public and private school sectors within the United States.  Jillian’s Masters’ research focused on writer’s workshop and the developmental progress of young writers. Her research interests include: Literacy, Assessment Practices in Education, Continuing Professional Development, and Utilising Technology in Teacher Education.

Jillian was awarded the School of Education’s Postgraduate Research Studentship for 2014-2017. Her PhD research explores innovative practice and design for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) that aims to promote Assessment for Learning (AfL) among Ireland’s secondary teachers. Her research focuses on the development and implementation of personalised CPD through a flipped learning instructional approach, within a virtual learning environment.  The purpose for this research is to support teachers’ integration of formative assessment approaches to optimise the learning experience for students.

Conference Presentations

Kellough, J. & Murchan, D. (2015).  Exploring flipped-classroom methodology as a model for teacher professional development. Paper presented at the 40th annual conference of the Educational Studies Association of Ireland, Maynooth, April.

Kellough, J. (2015). Exploring teachers’ assessment practice within continuing professional development: Fostering the implementation of assessment for learning through flipped CPD. Research presented at Trinity College’s School of Education 6th Annual Postgraduate Research Conference.

Kellough, J. (2016). Exploring Teacher Learning in Relation to AfL through Flipped CPD. Paper presented at the 41st annual conference of the Educational Studies Association of Ireland, Galway, April.


Last updated 27 May 2016