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Dean Mc Donnell

Thesis Title: Educational Mental Health and Technologies designed to support teacher and student populations

Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Minton


Dean McDonnell is a graduate from the Institute of Art, Design, and Technology (IADT Dun Laoghaire), receiving his B.Sc in Psychology Applied to Information Technology in 2010 and his M.Sc in CyberPsychology in 2012. He was awarded the School of Education Postgrad Scholarship for 2013-16 where he is currently researching into Educational Mental Health and Technologies designed to support teacher and student populations.

For the last several years, he has been working as a Project Worker with the Dublin South East School Completion Programme. He has 9 schools (6 Primary 3 Post-Primary) in his cluster where he works with students who are having difficulties with their education and are at risk of dropping out of mainstream education. He began working in this particular cluster in 2012 but had been volunteering in a project based in Tullow, Co Carlow.

Committee Positions

European Federation of Psychology Associations - Standing Committee for Psychology in Education – Student Officer (

Psychological Society of Ireland - Special Interest Group in Media, Arts, and CyberPsychology – Public Relations Officer (

The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (Ireland Division) –Special Interest Group in Youth Mental Health – Committee Member (

Research Interests

In a broad sense - Psychology, Technology, Education, Mental Health, Gamification, Computerised Therapy, Personality, Alliance, Creativity.


McDonnell, D., Rooney, B., & Flood, C. (2013). In Power, A., & Kirwan, G. CyberPsychology and New Media: A Thematic Reader. Routledge: Psychology Press. (

Upcoming Presentations/Workshops

May 2014

Romania - "CyberPsychology; Exploring Educational Relationships and Multimodality" A series of Workshops, Presentations, and discussion session.

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