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Current Supervised Research

Below is a list of current research topics currently being undertaken by our students:

Ph.D. research

  • Teacher on teacher bullying
  • The Correlation between Education, Ethnicity and Access to Poverty Alleviation Resources in Vietnam.
  • The effects of educational reform on Greek teachers
  • Documenting and analyzing the educational experiences of people with visual impairment in Ireland. (A Life story approach).
  • The influence of teachers' literacy history in their teaching of literacy to pupils with learning difficulties
  • School disipline and classroom management
  • The revival of the broad curriculum in three universities: Trinity (RoI), St Andrews (UK) and Brown (US)
  • Early socialisation of newly qualified primary teachers in Ireland
  • The role of drama in education in first language development in a designated disadvantaged school
  • Letting languages live. An examination of the role of drama in education in the modern foreign language class in Irish second level schools
  • An analysis of the motivation for take up of languages in senior cycle in Irish secondary schools
  • An evaluation of the current induction procedures for newly-appointed teachers in relation to their needs and the needs of the school
  • Compositional Writing at Primary School Level
  • Poetry in the Classroom
  • Developing a Chinese Ab Initio programme for University-Level learners: Design, Implementation and Evaluation.
  • Virtual learning environments for school leadership development: Towards a model of CMC-supported professional learning

Current Research Students



Jolanta Burke

Positive psychology interventions: building a model for individualised online training using the science of cyber psychology

Sinead Burke


Denise Burns

An investigation of the intellectual skill implicit in the aims and assessment of some subjects in the Leaving Certificate 2005 – 2010
Angela Coyne Literacy: The Social and Emotional Factors affecting Literacy

Gene Dalton

Collaborative storytelling in a virtual world: a technology mediated approach to Irish language learning in the primary school

Gerry Dunne

Testing criticality in Irish undergraduate students: a case study

Emma Farrell

The Lived Experience of Psychological Distress: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Approach
Maria Garvey Identification of Hidden Bullying in Schools - A sociometric approach

Katie Guinnane

Desire, Subjectivity and Bildung in a Post-humanist world

Helen Heneghan

Teacher Perspectives on Differentiated Reading Instruction in Primary/Elementary Schools in Dublin and Houston

Mark Kearns

Mature Student Experiences in Irish Higher Education

Jillian Kellough

Mary Kenny Towards an understanding of the causes of attrition among Further Education (FE) students in Ireland
Mary Kent The Role of the Bystander in School Bullying

Dean Mc Donnell


Mary Mullaghy

Colin Mc Elroy  

Carol-Ann O'Síoráin


Literacy Skills Development in Children With Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Youcef Sai

Perspectives of teachers and parents towards Islamic religious education in Ireland: An ethnographic study of two Muslim Irish national schools

Katherine A. Salvador

How can Spanish Speakers from South America prepare for success in Anglophone European Universities?

Norah Sweetman


María Catalina Villanueva Vargas

‘An exploration of drama as a form of critical pedagogy across the post-primary curriculum in Chile’

Recently Qualified

Alice Jurugo Drajea

The Literacy Practices Among Parents and Families and their Effects on Pupils' Performance, Literacy Skills and Proficiencies: A case of Moyo Primary Schools in Uganda
Kate Carr Fanning There's Nothing so Wrong with You, that What's Right with you Couldn't Fix": Listening to the voices of students coping with ADHD
Michele Giblin Was it worth it? Exploring the experiences of Trinity College mature student graduates.
Ludovic Highman A case study on differentiation in the mission and roles of higher education institutions in Ireland

Genevieve Murray

Teacher on Teacher Bullying
Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin Project Maths - A Study of Pedagogical Implementation and Professional Development
Aoife O'Brien Bereavement and grief in Irish schools: A thanatological approach toward understanding and intervention development
Connor O'Donohue Masculinity, Authenticity and Moral Orientations: A Taylorean Exploration of the Narrated Masculine Identities of Young Irish Male Undergraduates

M.Litt. research

  • The Continuing Professional Development of Language Teachers in the Republic of Ireland and a Language Teacher Portfolio Framework
  • The development of learner autonomy in student-teachers through a programme in basic Chinese using a language portfolio
  • Emotional and behavioural problems / Self-Esteem Enhancement.
  • Teacher readiness for teaching social and political education
  • Intercultuyralism and Cross Cultural Issues in Education
  • Reading and writing Chinese characters by learners of Chinese as L2
  • Educational philosophy and higher education reform: a Humboldtian view of two reform cases
  • Exploring dance education for student teachers
  • CSPE Assessment
  • ICTS
  • Mathematics Education
  • The transition from media education to media literacy in English schools, c1960-2008
  • Socialisation and cultural adaptation in international students in Ireland
  • Arts and Social Regeneration
  • Analysis of the written language of learners of English as a second language in post-primary schools
  • A longitudinal study of critical thinking in undergraduate general nursing students
  • Religious sensibilities and imaginaries in young Irish primary teachers
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

D.Ed. research

  • Special Needs
  • Development of simulation for teaching purposes
  • Senior cycle curriculum reforms
  • Special Needs
  • Self-efficacy in IT based learners
  • Curriculum for students with learning difficulties
  • Bullying behaviour in Nursing
  • Male teachers
  • School architecture
  • Social disadvantage and teacher education
  • Autism and inclusive education
  • Student decision making relating to tertiary education choices
  • Developing partnerships with SNA's
  • Student international internships and learning experiences
  • Attitudes to Exclusion from School
  • Autism classes in mainstream school
  • Student retention in Higher Education
  • School bullying
  • Acquisition of spoken English through five non-national primary school children
  • Literacy
  • Social inclusion
  • Teacher Professionalism in further education
  • Teaching Professional development in relation to ICT
  • Using on-line learning for medical education
  • Higher Education Policy
  • Irish language in primary schools
  • Self-efficacy in school children
  • What factors make for success in schools with disadvantaged status
  • Can on-line learning facilitate the on-line learner?
  • Policy in Higher Education
  • Assessment of SPHE programme
  • Policy in Higher Education
  • Special Needs Provision
  • Teaching Ethics
  • ICT in democratisation

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Last updated 11 May 2016