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Puttnam plays Puttnam


Video released 22nd January 2015

To celebrate the launch of Trinity Access 21 'College For Every Student' Mentoring Programme, B.Mus.Ed. students performed with the students from St.Vincent's Girls National School at the Convention Centre Dublin with Mr Sacha Puttnam on Tuesday 18th November. In this unique concert, Lord David Puttnam reflects on his remarkable career while Sacha Putnam performed solo pieces drawn from the world of his father's films.

18th November 2014

Bachelor in Music Education workshop with Mr. Sacha Puttnam

It was a huge treat and great fun for Junior Freshman Bachelor in Music Education students to workshop with internationally acclaimed composer/conductor Mr. Sacha Puttnam and the  girls from 5th class at St Vincent's GNS North William Street Dublin 1. Today was the first day of the Bachelor in Music Education Coteaching Module which facilitates a partnership between  music education students from the Trinity College, School of Education and practicing primary school teachers and children from each class Junior Infants to 6th class at St Vincent's.

On hearing the fifth class girls perform "We could've been anything that we wanted to be " from the film Bugsy Malone, Sacha Puttnam congratulated Junior Freshman B. Mus. Ed. student Séimí Campbell and acknowledged the efforts of all concerned in preparing for the Puttnam plays Puttnam concert at the Convention Centre Dublin which features music from several of the successful movies produced by Sacha's famous Dad, Sir David Puttnam who will be in attendance.  And it goes without saying that co teachers Sarah Brennan and Aine Fanning rose to the occasion as ever. Huge thanks to Principal Margaret OConnor and the super 5th class girls.

17th November 2014

Last updated 23 January 2015