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Mathematics Education

*The CLOSING DATE for Maths in Education has been extended to 14th August 2017.

Maths Timetable 2017-18 [PDF]


The Master in Education (M.Ed.) in Mathematics Education is a collaborative programme between the School of Education and the School of Mathematics at Trinity College Dublin.

Why Choose an M.Ed. in Mathematics Education?

This programme aims to act as an enhancement course for developing high quality mathematics educators. It intends to address mathematical content knowledge along with exploring mathematical practices for teachers and highlighting current national and international issues in mathematics education.

The course is rooted in practical experience while emphasising the theoretical study of education.

Overall the strand aims to integrate theory with practice and is intended for practitioners who wish to gain a comprehensive and contemporary understanding of mathematics education through a research-based programme.

Who is this Course for?

The course is suited to mathematics educators at all levels of the education system, but particularly second level teachers. It is also for other suitably qualified professionals working in the area of mathematics education, training and support.


The programme has taught and research components and may be taken on a one year full-time basis or on a two or three year part-time basis.

The taught component includes four modules each including 25 hours of direct contact time.

Modules are organised outside of normal work hours, such as during the evenings and at weekends, and are held in Trinity College.

The research component involves carrying out a research project and completing a dissertation under the guidance of a supervisor.

Course Modules

  • Studies in Mathematics Education

    Examine the philosophy of mathematics education and explore learning theories in teacher education and models of teacher knowledge in the classroom.

  • Geometry and Trigonometry

    Appraise theories of geometry or proposals seeking to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning in geometry.

  • Best Practices in Mathematics Education

    Explore emerging best practices and developments in teaching and learning mathematics.

  • Frontier Research and Current Debates in STEM Education

    Investigate frontier research as well as the most pressing topics and concerns in the field.


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Last updated 11 September 2017