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Certificate in Arts, Science and Inclusive Applied Practice

Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities

The Certificate in Arts, Science and Inclusive Applied Practice is highly innovative in Irish and international terms, pioneering an exciting approach that opens up specially designed third level study opportunities for persons with intellectual disabilities. The programme is aimed at transforming possibilities open to people with intellectual disability as they make transitions towards adult life and the workforce. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve a roll-out of this model of provision across other interested third level institutions in Ireland and elsewhere.

Course Duration: 2 year full-time course
Programme Co-ordinator: Dr. Mary Ann O'Donovan
Course Email:

Programme Aims

  • To help students develop the ability to think critically about disability, express viewpoints, engage in logical discussions and problem-solve effectively within a higher education learning environment
  • To equip students with the interdisciplinary knowledge to navigate the community and employment sectors
  • To develop in students the learning skills required for developing their own person-centered plan when engaged in the wider community
  • To provide students with the learning skills and knowledge needed to confidently advocate for change in their own lives and the wider disability community
  • To encourage collaborative learning through project-based tasks incorporating academic content and applied skills to reinforce overall academic, professional and personal development
  • To introduce students to academic scholarship, evidence-based interdisciplinary research and university life.

Course Structure

  • Advanced Learning Theories and Self-Development;

    Students will learn about different learning skills and how they can use these in College. They will also have occupational therapy groups and individual meetings.

  •  Applied Research Theories and Practice;

    Students will learn about science, maths and health. There will be a focus on how they can use this knowledge in life outside college. 

  • Business and Marketing;

    Students will learn about marketing strategies and how to create a business plan. They will also complete a work placement.

  • Advocacy, Rights and Culture;

    Students will learn about human rights and learn the skills needed to advocate for their rights and the rights of others.

  • Fine Arts and Languages

    Students will learn about languages, art and poetry and will develop skills to express themselves.

Course Applications

The Arts, Science and Inclusive Applied Practice application forms can be downloaded below;.

Form A | Student Application Form 2016Arts | Science and Inclusive Applied Practice (Word Document)

Form B | Application Form for Schools 2016 | Arts, Science and Inclusive Applied Practice (Word Document)

Application Checklist

Each application should include:

  • Form A: Student Application Form
  • Form B: Application Form for Schools
  • Evidence of Disability Documents

Course Fees 2016/17
Gross fees for the course are €3,000 per year.


Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities, 4th Floor, 3 College Green, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2


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Last updated 21 August 2017