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Task 2 - Web Searching and Evaluation

To be submitted on or before 23rd February 2012

The focus of this task is Web searching and evaluation.

This task should help you identify resources for your subject area.

As part of the task you are asked to search the Web using the techniques and resources outlined in the unit content. Please list the four most useful resources that you find including the URL (address), and provide a very brief (two lines) description of each one. The resources listed should be related to your main subject area. Example resources might include Websites, freeware, shareware, applets or demo software.

There are numerous sites on the Web that present frameworks (or rubrics) for Website evaluation. Examples of such sites are listed below, and there are numerous others. For this assignment you are required to select a particular rubric (or develop your own from the various sources) and to apply that rubric to evaluate a Website (or some other Web based resource) related to your main subject. The Website selected for evaluation may be one of the four resources listed. The rubric should contain at least 4 main criteria. You should state the source or sources of your rubric and provide a brief rationale or justification for its use. The aim of this assignment is not to identify the best Website, but to evaluate a Website: good, bad or mediocre. The Website you select for evaluation should lend itself to the exercise. Whilst completing this assignment think about how you could apply what you have learned to create a lesson in which the students do the evaluating.

In summary, there are 3 elements required in this task:

  1. A list of four resources found, plus a two-line description of each one.
  2. A statement of the criteria/rubric to be used including source(s), plus rationale (200-400 words).
  3. Evaluation of a selected Website using the rubric you have selected or developed (400-600 words). A mainly qualitative type evaluation is desired, although some quantitative elements may be included.

Criteria for Assessment

(This is how I will assess your evaluations)

List of Websites that Present Evaluation Frameworks/Rubrics

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Critical Evaluation Surveys

Teachers' Cyberguide

Selection Criteria: How to Tell if You are Looking at a Great Web Site

Criteria for Evaluation of Internet Information Resources

Dr. Alice Christie's Web Site Evaluation Rubric http://www.alicechristie.org/edtech/webeval/

Any assignments found to be plagiarised from the Internet, or any other source, will be deemed to have failed.

Submit using email, including the attachment (Word document) to keith.johnston@tcd.ie.

Put 'H.Dip ICT Task 2 ' in the subject field. Keep back up copies for your own personal use, and in the case of 'problems'. Task 3 will be circulated by email.

Keith Johnston

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