Frances Ruane has been an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics since 1991 and is presently Director of the MSc in Economic Policy Studies. A graduate of the National University of Ireland (University College Dublin) and the University of Oxford ( Nuffield College ), she joined the Department of Economics at Trinity College in 1977. Apart from Trinity College , she has worked at the Industrial Development Authority, the Central Bank of Ireland and Queen's University, Kingston , Ontario .

In December 2006, Frances Ruane is moving to the position of Director of the Economic and Social Research Institute in Dublin : Her email address at the ESRI will be She is a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of International and Economic Policy and the International Review of Economics and Finance and a member of the council of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland .

Since 2001 Frances Ruane has been a member of the Advisory Board to the Competition Authority. She represents Ireland on the European Advisory Committee on Statistical Information in the Economic and Social Spheres (CEIES).

Frances Ruane was Chairperson of the National Statistics Board (1995-2003) and a member of the World Bank's Data Advisory Panel (2002/2003). She was Head of the Department of Economics (1997-2000), President of the Irish Economic Association (2000-2002) and a member of the EURO-50 Group (1999-2005).

In the past she has served on a number of Irish State Boards, including the National Board for Science and Technology, the Industrial Development Authority and Forfás. She has also been a member of numerous governmental advisory committees/groups on issues, including Funding of Third Level Education, Tax and Social Welfare Reform, and Future Skills Needs.

Forthcoming and Recent Publications:

“Export Platform FDI and Dualistic Development” Forthcoming in Transnational Corporations , 2006 (with A. Ugur)

“Foreign Direct Investment in Ireland: Policy Implications for Emerging Economies” Forthcoming in The World Economy, 2006 (with Peter J. Buckley)

The Role of Public Policy in the Sectoral and Spatial Distribution of Irish Manufacturing Employment Forthcoming in Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland (with A.M. Gleeson and J. Sutherland)

“Promoting Industry Clusters: Evidence from Ireland ” in A.T. Tavares and A. Teixeira: Multinationals, Clusters and Innovation: Does Public Policy Matter? Palgrave Macmillan, 2006, pp107-119, (with A.M. Gleeson and J. Sutherland)

“Export Performance and Destination Characteristics of Irish Manufacturing Industry”, Review of World Economics, 141, (3), 2005, p 442 – 459 (with J. Sutherland)

“Labour Productivity and Foreign Direct Investment in Irish Manufacturing Industry: A Decomposition Analysis”, Economic and Social Review, 36, (1), 2005, p19 – 44 (with A. Ugur)

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