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Trinity College Dublin

Student Economic Review '11

Economic Policy Issues

  • Karl Cronin Junior Sophister
    Sandpaper Politics: The Blurring of the Sharp Edge of Economic Policy Making» pdf
  • Mark Sykes Senior Sophister
    Agency Theory and Remuneration Policy: Performance Incentives in the Financial Sector» pdf
  • Anne Talbot Senior Sophister
    An Economic Analysis of the Relationship Between Female Participation in Third Level Education and the Birth Rate» pdf
  • Josie O'Reilly Senior Sophister
    Why Do Women End Up in 'Female' Jobs» pdf

Economic Theory

  • Róisín Donnelly Senior Sophister
    Review of the Empirical Evidence on the Efficient Market Hypothesis in the Foreign Exchange Markets» pdf
  • Marc Morgan Senior Freshman
    The Paradox of GDP/GNP as Determinants of Human Progress: Effects on Welfare and Equality» pdf
  • Sophie Ward Senior Sophister
    Is There an Alternative to the Taylor Rule When Estimating a Neutral Real Rate of Interest for the Euro Zone?» pdf
  • Christoph Walsh Senior Sophister
    Dornbusch's Overshoot Model: A Review» pdf

International Economics

  • Jason Somerville Senior Sophister
    A Sweet Deal: Sugar Plantations in the Hawaiian Economy» pdf
  • Graeme O'Meara Junior Sophister
    How the Fundamentals of American and Japanese Capitalism Diverge» pdf
  • Clare Delargy Senior Sophister
    The Role of Behavioural Economics in Increasing Savings in Developing Countries» pdf
  • Grace Walsh Senior Sophister
    A Discussion of Foreign Currency Debt in Emerging Market Economies» pdf

Monetary Economy

  • Jason Somerville Senior Sophister
    Should the Renminbi Float?» pdf
  • Mairéad Gallagher Senior Sophister
    Would Europe be Better Off Without the Euro?» pdf
  • Amandine Lobelle Senior Sophister
    The Gold Standard and the Great Monetary Depression» pdf
  • Barra Roantree Senior Sophister
    Standing at the Abyss: Monetary Policy at the Zero Lower Bound» pdf

Transport Economics

  • Niamh Callaghan Senior Sophister
    Regulatory Capture in the Context of the Irish Regulatory Framework» pdf
  • Eoin Marsh Senior Sophister
    Irish Bus Competition and the Swords Express Case» pdf
  • Holly Bott Senior Sophister
    The British Airport Authority Monopoly in London Airports: Common Ownership and Competition» pdf