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Today's date: February 6, 2016

First iPad App of the Book of Kells Manuscript produced by Trinity College Campus Company in Collaboration with Library

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Dec 06, 2012

Explore the Magnificently Decorated Manuscript Page by Page in High Resolution with New Book of Kells for iPad 

In a unique synergy of expertise, a Trinity campus company,   X Communications and Trinity College Library have produced the Book of Kells for iPad app. Widely regarded   as one of the world’s most beautiful decorated manuscripts and a masterpiece of European medieval art, the Book of Kells for iPad app now allows the user to view its images in high resolution in all their richness.  It is also the first manuscript in its complete form available as an iPad app.

The app contains all 680 pages of the manuscript, permitting the user to scroll through the manuscript page by page. High resolution images of the most highly decorated pages are included at up to six times their original size.

Professor Marie Redmond of the School of Computer Science & Statistics and Robin Adams,  College Librarian

Commenting on its significance, College Librarian, Robin Adams says: “The Book of Kells is arguably Ireland’s greatest cultural treasure and the Library exhibits the manuscript to hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Working with X Communications we can now share its imagery, colour and imagination through an engaging and interactive medium.”

Professor Marie Redmond of the School of Computer Science & Statistics heads up X Communications, a campus company  that was founded in 1994. The company is an award-winning digital media agency that  has produced interactive installations for The National Museum, The National Library, the Hugh Lane Gallery, and the National Gallery.

The images used for the Book of Kells for iPad app were digitised by The Digital Resources & Imaging Services in Trinity College Library from transparencies provided by Faksimile-Verlag Luzern which published a facsimile of the manuscript in 1990.

Following on from the international award-winning DVD-ROM also produced by X  Communications, this app showcases the decorative skills of the scribes and the rich and varied colours used in the drawings. The app took just six months to complete and the team in X Communications included designer  Stephanie Francis and  programmer, Killian Walsh.

“The Book of Kells is a visual experience and the iPad is the perfect platform for viewing the images in high resolution especially on the new retina display screens. Viewing the entire manuscript, showing the pages in the exact order that they were written explains how the work was conceived and shows the amazing talent of the scribes. The wonder is that we could not produce a work of this extraordinary beauty and magnitude today ,” Professor Marie Redmond . 

Summary of the key features

● Explore all 680 surviving pages

● View in detail 21 of the most decorated pages available at 6 times their actual size

● Learn about the history of the book including where, when and how it was made

● Understand the meaning behind the decorative symbols used throughout the manuscript

● Browse through over 600 examples of animals, initial letters and other decorative themes.

The app is available to purchase via the App Store for $11.99 / €12.99. Direct link:  

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