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Today's date: February 11, 2016

Hist wins Irish Times debate

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Feb 19, 2007

The Trinity Historical Society team was victorious at finals of The Irish Times Debate 2006-07. Ciaran Denny and David Boughton opposed the motion that “This house believes that a neutral Ireland cannot fulfill its global responsibilities in the 21st century”. They were presented the Demosthenes trophy from the presiding judge, Geraldine Kennedy, Editor of The Irish Times.

Held in the Public Theatre in Trinity College, the debate was chaired by Mary Robinson, University Chancellor, who was also a former finalist in The Irish Times debate.

The Christina Murphy Memorial Trophy, awarded to the individual winner, was presented to David Quinn, of Kings Inns, while Christopher Kissane, The Hist, received a runner-up prize.

Ciaran denny, winning team member of irish times debate

Ciaran Denny, member of the winning Hist Debating team

To listen to the first five speeches of the final, please visit:



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Feb 04, 2007

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