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Trinity Health and Sports Week Celebrates 10th Anniversary

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Mar 27, 2014

Trinity Health and Sports Week celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year with a week full of events focused on ‘Happiness’.

To mark the launch of Health and Sports Week Dublin Senior GAA football player, Denis Bastick and   Trinity’s Professor of Psychology, Ian Robertson joined Trinity students and staff and members of the Trinity Dance Society to create a ‘Smiley Face’ on the College’s Front Square.

“We chose happiness for this year’s Health and Sports Week theme because what makes us happy, makes us healthy and there are so many opportunities to be happy in Trinity every day, “ stated the College’s Health Promotion Officer,  Martina Mullin. “The College’s clubs and societies and sports facilities offer people the opportunity to get fit and health, learn new activities and socialise and students are studying subjects that they find fascinating.  We're delighted with how many great activities there are in this year’s programme for people to experience.  So many clubs like swimming, trampolining, squash, fencing and orienteering offered open sessions allowing student and staff to try out new activities. And renowned psychologist Professor Ian Robertson presented a talk on how to achieve happiness.”

Running from 24 - 28 March, Trinity’s Health & Sports Week is packed full of events including free exercise classes, sports clubs and society activities, mindfulness and relaxation sessions, laughter yoga,  talks, healthy eating options, information sessions and health checks.

To find out more and see the full schedule of events at 


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