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Today's date: October 24, 2014

Filming and Photography in Trinity

Trinity College wishes to publicise its teaching, research and student life activities to as wide an audience as possible. The College is also conscious that its historic campus is part of our national heritage – a heritage which should be shared with the citizens of Dublin and visitors. Media broadcasts are one form of communication through which the College can communicate with large audiences and Trinity welcomes the opportunity to work with programme makers in recording their broadcasts in College whenever the opportunity arises.

Trinity receives many requests for photographic sessions or to film and record programme material on Campus and in order to facilitate and manage these applications, with minimal disruption to the work of the College, Trinity has in place procedures which, if followed, will ensure that the photographer or broadcaster secures the best possible outcome by way of facilities and support from the College. At all times Trinity will endeavour to facilitate the needs of the photographer or broadcaster when considering these requests.


These procedures are applicable to the recording of all television, radio and video broadcasts on any property owned by, or under the control of, Trinity College Dublin.


The purpose of these procedures is to ensure that

  1. those wishing to photograph, film or record broadcasts in Trinity College Dublin receive the best possible service the College has to offer in this regard
  2. there is minimum disruption to the teaching, research and other activities of the College
  3. there is adherence to all relevant insurance and health and safety requirements


Any company or individual seeking permission to photograph/record television, radio and/or video broadcasts on any property owned by, or under the control of, Trinity College Dublin must send a written proposal in advance to the Communications Office, Trinity College Dublin, email:

Requests for filming and photography in the Old Library and for the Book of Kells should be sent to More information on filming and photography in the Old Library can be found here.

For filming manuscripts please contact the Manuscripts & Archives Research Library.

Notice of at least 5 working days must be given to the Communications Office of any proposal to record/film. Only in the most exceptional circumstances will consideration be given to requests for which 5 working-days notice is not possible.

Each request should outline the

  1. nature of the filming/recording/photography and, if freelance, details of who the work is being carried out on behalf of
  2. intended audiences and transmissions/usage
  3. proposed location(s) – please see the TCD College Maps
  4. equipment which will be used
  5. number of personnel in crew, also make, colour and registration number of the vehicle for which access to Campus is required (NB parking on Campus cannot be guaranteed; vehicular access may only be possible for the purposes of dropping off/picking up equipment. Parking for one vehicle per crew will be accommodated if at all possible)
  6. the dates on which it is intended to film/record/photograph
  7. the start time and duration of the filming/recording/photography session
  8. contact details of requestor, also contact details for a member of the crew who will be on site
  9. the relevant insurance details

The College will assess all proposals and endeavour to advise the requestor of the outcome within two working-days of the receipt of the request.

No film/recording crews will be admitted to any Trinity College property without the appropriate confirmation from the Communications Office.

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