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Ancient and Medieval History & Culture

Ancient and Medieval History offers you a unique opportunity to investigate the cultural and political genesis of Europe by focusing on the fascinating transition from the Ancient to the Medieval world (2000 B.C.-1500 A.D.). In this course you will be able to trace this extraordinary process through an intensive study of the art, culture and history of the ancient and medieval worlds, familiarizing yourself with key events, issues and mentalities. You will be encouraged to pursue an interdisciplinary approach to your studies, as well as to appraise critically the art of the period and documentary sources in translation.

Over the four years of the course you will develop a broad understanding of the ancient and medieval worlds through an analysis of their art, architecture, archaeology, culture and history. These disciplines will be introduced to you in first-year courses, taught by a mixture of lectures and tutorial discussion groups. As your studies progress, your courses will become more thematically specialised, with an increasing emphasis on intensive (but we hope lively) discussion and on independent research.

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Last updated 11 July 2012