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Dr. Giorgos Papantoniou

Dr. Giorgos Papantoniou

Irish Research Council/Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow

Giorgos Papantoniou did his B.A. in History and Archaeology at the University of Cyprus (2003) and his Ph.D. in Classics at The University of Dublin, Trinity College (2008), where he also held an Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS), Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship (2009-10). He has temporarily worked as an archaeologist in the Department of Antiquities, Republic of Cyprus, and as a researcher and visiting lecturer in the Department of History and Archaeology, University of Cyprus. He is currently holding an Irish Research Council (IRC)/Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship to work on the project entitled Unlocking Sacred Landscapes: A Holistic Approach to Cypriot Sanctuaries and Religion. His main agenda for research is based on interdisciplinary approaches. Bringing together archaeological, textual, epigraphic, art-historical, and anthropological evidence, he works on ancient Cypriot sanctuaries and religion. His broader area of interest includes the interaction of Cyprus with other Mediterranean and Near Eastern cultures, particularly mainland Greece, the Syro-Palestinian coast and Egypt. He is specifically interested in Greek sanctuaries and religion, Greek and Roman mystery cults, Greek sculpture and terracotta figurines, Hellenistic royal image on coins and statues, Alexander the Great, Hellenistic ruler cult, Ptolemaic Alexandria, classical mythology, ancient imperialism, landscape archaeology and approaches to ancient art and iconography.

Selected publications


  • Papantoniou, G. 2012. Religion and Social Transformations in Cyprus. From the Cypriot Basileis to the Hellenistic Strategos. Mnemosyne Supplements 347. Leiden: Brill.

Edited Books

  • Papantoniou, G. ed. 2008. POCA 2005. Postgraduate Cypriot Archaeology. Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Meeting of Young Researchers on Cypriot Archaeology, Department of Classics, Trinity College, Dublin, 21-22 October 2005. British Archaeological Reports, International Series 1803. Oxford: Archaeopress.


  • Papantoniou, G. 2013. “Cypriot Autonomous Polities at the Crossroads of Empire: The Imprint of a Transformed Islandscape in the Classical and Hellenistic periods”. Bulletin of the American School of Oriental Studies 307: 169-205.
  • Papantoniou, G. 2013. “Cyprus from Basileis to Strategos: A Landscape Approach”. American Journal of Archaeology 117.1: 33-57.
  • Papantoniou, G. 2012. “From Segmentation to Unification: Sacred Landscapes and Sculpture in the Construction of Hellenistic Island Identities”. Keryx 2: 91-105.
  • Papantoniou, G. 2009. “’Revisiting’ Soloi-Cholades: Ptolemaic Power, Religion and Ideology”. Cahier du Centre d’Études Chypriotes 39: 271-87.

Chapters in Edited Books

  • Papantoniou, G. forthcoming. “Ritual, Cult and Iconography in Context: The Transplantation of Late Cypriot ‘Archetypes’ into the Iron Age”. In Materiality and Visibility of Rituals in the Ancient World, edited by I. Mylonopoulos. Berlin: DeGruyter.
  • Papantoniou, G. 2013. “The ‘Cypriot Goddess’ at the Transition from the Bronze to the Iron Age: A ‘Cypro-Centric’ Approach”. In J.R.B. Stewart: An Archaeological Legacy. Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology, Pocket Books 139, edited by A.B. Knapp, J.M. Webb, and A. McCarthey, 161-73. Uppsala: Åströms Förlag.
  • Papantoniou, G., and C.E. Morris. 2013. “Island Cultures at the Opposite Ends of Europe: Cypriot Studies in Ireland”. In Ireland-Cyprus: Parallel Journeys. Common Aspirations, edited by G. Georgis, and G. Kazamias, 282-311. Nicosia: Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Papantoniou, G. 2012. “Cypriot Sanctuaries and Religion in the Early Iron Age: Views from Before and After”. In Cyprus and the Aegean in the Early Iron Age – The Legacy of Nicolas Coldstream, edited by M. Iacovou, 285-319. Nicosia: Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation.
  • Papantoniou, G. 2011. “‘Hellenising’ the ‘Cypriot Goddess’: ‘Reading’ the Amathousian Terracotta Figurines”. In From Pella to Gandhara. Hybridisation and Identity in the Art and Architecture of the Hellenistic East. British Archaeological Reports, International 2221, edited by A. Kouremenos, S. Chandrasekaran, and R. Rossi, 35-48. Oxford: Archaeopress.

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