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Christine MorrisDr. Christine Morris

Andrew A. David Senior Lecturer in Greek Archaeology and History

I studied Classics at Churchill College Cambridge, followed by a Ph.D. at University College London. I worked for the British School at Athens (at Knossos) and as research assistant to Colin Renfrew before coming to Trinity in 1994. I am the Trinity representative on the Managing Committee of the Irish Institute of the Hellenic Studies at Athens, and co-edited the Institute's first publication, The Lure of Greece (2007).

Research Interests

My main area of expertise is the archaeology of the Aegean Bronze Age. Specific areas of interest include ceramic studies (pictorial pottery; figurines); ancient art; Mycenaean intercultural relations in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean; ancient religion (goddesses; experiential/embodied aspects). My work on the historiography of the goddess in early archaeology situates the study of goddesses and gender within the intellectual trends and ideologies of the mid-19th to early 20th centuries. I am also involved in a number of long-term archaeological projects in Greece, most notably the Atsipadhes peak sanctuary project in western Crete (in collaboration with Dr Alan Peatfield). This project has received IRCHSS funding to apply GIS technology to the spatial study of the figurines and pottery within the excavated site.

Selected Publications

  • 'Thoroughly Modern Minoans: Women and Goddesses between Europe and the Orient', in Liv Helga Dommasnes, Tove Hjørungdal, Sandra Montón-Subías, Margarita Sánchez Romero and Nancy L. Wicker (eds), Situating Gender in European Archaeologies (Budapest 2010) 83-92.
  • 'The Iconography of the bared breast in Aegean Bronze Age art', in K. Kopaka (ed.), FYLO. Engendering Prehistoric 'Stratigraphies' in the Aegean and the Mediterranean (Liège 2009),243-9
  • 'Configuring the Individual: Bodies of figurines in Minoan Crete' in Anna Lucia D'Agata, Aleydis Van De Moortel (eds), Archaeologies of Cult: Essays on Ritual and Cult in Crete in Honor of Geraldine C. Gesell. Hesperia Supplement 42 (Princeton 2009) 180-7.
  • 'Design Element Analysis of Mycenaean chariot kraters', in E. Rystedt and B. Wells (eds), Pictorial Pursuits: Figurative painting on Mycenaean and Geometric Pottery, Athens, Greece, Dec. 1999 (Stockholm, 2007) 97-106.
  • 'Animals into Art in the Ancient World' in Linda Kalof (ed.), Cultural History of Animals, Vol I In Antiquity (Oxford 2007) 175 -198.
  • (with J.V. Luce, Christina Souyoudzoglou-Haywood) eds, The Lure of Greece. Irish Involvement in Greek Culture, Literature, History and Politics (Hinds, Dublin, 2007).
  • Colin Renfrew, co-editors, Neil Brodie, Christine Morris, Chris Scarre, Excavations at Phylakopi in Melos 1974-77 (London, British School at Athens, 2007).
  • (with A.A.D. Peatfield), 'Experiencing Ritual: shamanic elements in Minoan religion', in M. Wedde (ed.), Celebrations. Sanctuaries and the Vestiges of Cult Activity (Bergen 2006) 35-59.
  • '"Art makes visible": an archaeology of the senses in Minoan elite art', in Neil Brodie and Catherine Hills (eds) Material Engagements: Studies in honour of Colin Renfrew., (Cambridge 2004) 31-43.
  • (with A.A.D. Peatfield), 'Feeling through the body: gesture in Cretan Bronze Age Religion', in Y. Hamilakis, M. Pluciennik, S. Tarlow (eds), Thinking through the Body: Archaeologies of Corporeality, Lampeter (New York 2001) 105-20.
  • (with V. Karageorghis) eds, Defensive Settlements of the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean c. 1200 BC. Centre for Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies, Trinity College Dublin & Leventis Foundation (Nicosia 2001).
  • (with L. Goodison) eds, Ancient Goddesses: the Myths and Evidence (London 1998).
  • (ed) Klados. Essays in honour of J.N. Coldstream. Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies, Supplement 63 (London 1995). 'Hands up for the individual: The role of attribution studies in Aegean prehistory', Cambridge Archaeological Journal, 3, 1993, 41-66.


My teaching is primarily in the art and archaeology of the Greek world. I offer modules on the Aegean Bronze Age; Greek Archaeology in our Ancient History and Archaeology programme, and I teach on the introductory modules in Greek and Roman Art and Architecture; Mythology and Religion; and Sources and Evidence in History and Archaeology. For our final year students I regularly offer modules on Ancient Goddesses and on the archaeology of Cyprus, and my contribution to our taught MPhil programme is a module on theoretical approaches to Aegean art.

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