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Anna ChahoudProfessor Anna Chahoud

Professor of Latin

I studied Classics in Bologna and Pisa, Italy, and worked in Reading and Durham before coming to Ireland in 1999. I joined the Classics Department at Trinity College in 2006.

Research interests

My research focuses on fragmentary Republican Latin, Latin linguistics, and the transmission of Latin texts from antiquity to the early modern period. I am especially interested in the study of Latin registers and of the interaction between literary and spoken language. I have long been engaged in the study of early Latin satire, working on a new edition of, and the first English-language commentary on, the fragments of Lucilius. I am also preparing an edition, with English translation, of fragmentary satire, political invective and popular verse for the Loeb Classical Library, which explores the relationship between literary and colloquial, sub-literary and non-literary Latin. I am also involved in initiatives for the study of Trinity College Latin manuscripts. I am consulting editor for the Bryn Mawr Classical Review, member of the COST Action IS1407 on ‘Ancient European Languages and Writing’ (AELAW), and convener of the Trinity Research Theme ‘Manuscript, Book and Print Cultures’. I am a Fellow of Trinity College (FTCD[2007]) and Public Orator of the University of Dublin.

Selected publications


I teach mainly Latin language and literature from the early Republican to the early imperial period, with an emphasis on the relationship between linguistic register and literary genre. Authors covered in my courses include Plautus and Terence; Virgil’s Aeneid; satirical writers from Lucilius to Juvenal; Latin historians from Cato to Tacitus; early orators to Cicero; Petronius and Martial. I also teach an undergraduate cross-faculty elective Introduction to Latin language and culture. For our MPhil programme I offer and/or coordinate interdisciplinary modules on Classics and European Identity, on the Art of Editing, and (new 2017) on the History of the Book.

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Contact Details

Department of Classics,
Trinity College,
Dublin 2.

Telephone: 00 353 1 8961984
Fax: 00 353 1 6710862

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