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Boris Kayachev

Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow

In 2007 I obtained a Diploma in Classical Philology from the Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow, with a dissertation on the speech of Adimantus in Plato’s Republic, and in 2013 a PhD in Classics from the University of Leeds, with a thesis on the Ciris and its engagement with pre-Virgilian poetry. After several months of postdoctoral research at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, in October 2016 I came to Trinity College, Dublin, as an IRC research fellow, to work on a new critical edition and textual commentary on the Ciris.

The central aim of my project is to provide a comprehensive companion to the text of the Ciris, a poem transmitted as part of the Appendix Vergiliana. It will enable the reader to access and appreciate the poem’s difficult text with the help of a number of critical tools: 1) a newly-established Latin text; 2) a critical apparatus listing important manuscript variants and conjectures; 3) a detailed commentary discussing textual problems; 4) an English translation; 5) a comprehensive repertory of conjectures. In addition to a fresh and thorough reconsideration of the poem’s text, the project will also sum up previous textual scholarship on the Ciris.

I have recently become interested in the textual problems of two Argonauticas, the Greek one by Apollonius Rhodius and the Latin one by Valerius Flaccus. My other research interests include a wide range of Greek and Latin poetry in hexameters and elegiacs.

Selected recent publications


  • B. Kayachev, Allusion and Allegory: Studies in the Ciris (Berlin, 2016).


  • B. Kayachev, M. Shumilin, ‘Four poems ascribed to Gallus (AL 914–17): the history of the text’, Materiali e Discussioni (forthcoming)
  • B. Kayachev, ‘He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named: Aratus in Virgil’s third eclogue’, Harvard Studies in Classical Philology 109 (forthcoming)
  • B. Kayachev, ‘Catalepton 9 and Hellenistic poetry’, Classical Quarterly 66 (2016), 180-204.

Book chapters

  • B. Kayachev, ‘Local daimones in Apollonius’ Argonautica’, in E. Bakola, S. Lunn-Rockliffe (eds.), Locating the daimonic (forthcoming with Taylor & Francis)
  • B. Kayachev, ‘Hunt as war and war as hunt: Grattius’ Cynegetica and Virgil’s Aeneid’, in S. Green (ed.), Grattius in Context (forthcoming with OUP)
  • B. Kayachev, ‘The sphragis of Virgil’s Georgics: constructing identity through intertextuality’, in A. Gavrielatos (ed.), Self-Presentation and Identity in the Roman World (forthcoming with Cambridge Scholars Publishing)
  • B. Kayachev, ‘Scylla the beauty and Scylla the beast: a Homeric allusion in the Ciris’, in A. Efstathiou, I. Karamanou (eds.), Homeric Receptions Across Generic and Cultural Contexts (Berlin, 2016), p. 277-87

Textual notes on the Ciris

  • B. Kayachev, ‘Ciris 156: an emendation’, Classical Philology (forthcoming)
  • B. Kayachev, ‘Ciris 524: an emendation’, Rheinisches Museum (forthcoming)
  • B. Kayachev, ‘Ciris 68: an emendation’, Museum Helveticum (forthcoming)
  • B. Kayachev, ‘Ciris 73: an emendation’, Mnemosyne (forthcoming)
  • B. Kayachev, ‘Ciris 137: an emendation’, Classical Quarterly 64 (2014), 859-61
  • B. Kayachev, ‘Ciris 257: an emendation’, Mnemosyne 67 (2014), 833-7.

Last updated 21 November 2016