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DU Classical Society

Classical Society

Our society was voted "The Best 'Small' Society" in 2012, but don't let this mislead you, we think big and punch well above our weight! Do you like film nights, toga parties, pub crawls, comic and tragic plays? Cutting edge scholarship and university-subsidised trips to foreign countries with sweeping history? Do you study or have an interest in the ancient world? Lots of people do, and that's why we boast such a consistently large and vibrant membership from a swathe of faculties.

Look out for us in Freshers Week

We'll be the strapping people in togas trying to lure you to our stand in Front Square (and Halls), but be careful to avoid anyone dressed as Zeus... You know why.

In recent years we have taken members to Lyon, Barcelona, Pompeii/Herculaneum and Rome for an amazing price. As we are approaching the bi-millenium of Augustus' reign a similar (re)visit to 'The Eternal City' will most likely be on the agenda. We are also celebrating this auspicious event with a themed lecture series on all things Julian - basically the Late Republic and Early Principate in Rome. We have arranged to bring leading scholars from at home and abroad to speak on relevant cutting-edge topics, and they will be following in the recent footsteps of some eminent academics, including: Paul Cartledge, Chris Carey, Nick Lowe and many more.

Classical Society

Freshers Week and Thereabouts:

-The Ancient Themed Olympics. - Film Night - Our annual Toga Party

Social Events:

Guest Lectures - Student Colloquium - Pub Crawls - Film Nights - Annual Toga Party - Costumed Halloween Party - Christmas Party - Society Trip Abroad - The Imperial Ball - Greek or Roman Play

Academic Events:

- Inaugural Lecture: [tbc]. - Lecture: Professor M. Gale [TCD]. - Lecture: Dr A. Russell [DURHAM, tbc]. - Lecture: Dr A. Thein [UCD]. - Lecture: Dr P. De Souza [UCD]. Student Colloquium. - Auditorial Lecture: [tbc]

Classical Society
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Last updated 7 March 2017