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Scholars of the Decade - 2014

Our warmest welcome to the Classics Scholars of the Decade!

One of the time-honoured traditions of Trinity Monday is the welcoming back to College to the 'Scholars of the Decade.' Alumni who distinguished themselves in their early years as Undergraduates by obtaining Foundation Scholarship through a set of highly demanding examination papers are invited to join the College community on the occasion of the New Scholars Dinner on Trinity Monday in the year marking the decade anniversary of their earliest achievement. Our distinguished guests of honour this year are Scholars from 1944, 1964, and 1974.

William Vincent Denard, Junior Exhibition and Sizarship (1941), Senior Exhibition (1943) and Foundation Scholarship (1944), BA in Classics and Gold Medal (1945), BLitt in Classics (1948) and BA in Philosophy (1949), TCD. He was Assistant Lecturer in Classics at Sheffield University (1946-8), and then briefly taught Philosophy and Greek in Oakhill Theological College, London in 1950 before becoming Lecturer in Philosophy at Trinity, specialising in Greek and German Philosophy. He became a College Tutor and a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy in 1959, and married Anne Brambell (then Warden of Trinity Hall) in 1965. An active member of DUCAC, he was also Secretary of Trinity Trust for many years, and Editor of the College Calendar during the 1960s. He retired in 1991.

Alan Howard Foster Griffin was elected Foundation Scholar in Classics in 1964. He was lecturer in Classics and honorary chaplain at the University of Exeter from 1969, before taking up a position as rector of St Andrews-by-the-Wardrobe in the City of London, which he held until recently. He was ordained as a Roman Catholic Priest in 2012, and is attached to Our Lady of the Assumption and St Gregory Parish in Soho. He has written widely on the poetry of Ovid.

William O'Donovan Jacques was an Entrance Exhibitioner (1962) and Foundation Scholar in Classics (1964). He spent eight years in southern Africa teaching at Diocesan College Cape Town and, in Rhodesia, at Hamilton High School and St George's College. He then taught at Methodist College Belfast and worked for four years in the Sports Council. Since 1985 he has been Head of Classics at the Royal Belfast Academic Institution (RBAI).

Stephen Perry Anderson was elected Foundation Scholar in Classics in 1974. He is Senior Tutor and former Head of Classics at Winchester College, a position he has held for twenty-five years. He has authored texts on Greek and Latin language learning, and has been an inspiring advocate for classical education all his life.


On this day we also honor the memory of Professor Gordon Willis Williams (1926 - 2010), Foundation Scholar 1944, BA (1947) and MA (1948) in Classics at Trinity College. Among other distinguished positions, he was Fellow and Tutor at Balliol College, Oxford, and Professor of Humanity at St Andrews before moving to Yale in 1974, where, as Thacher Professor of Latin, he spent the rest of his career. From his Tradition and Originality in Roman Poetry (Oxford 1968) through a long series of books and papers on Classical Latin poetry, he was one of the greatly influential Latin literary scholars of the 20th century.

Scholars' Dinner 2014, Dining Hall, Trinity College, 7 April 2014

Bill Jacques and Anna Chahoud

Bill Jacques and Anna Chahoud

Vincent and Hugh Denard

Vincent and Hugh Denard

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