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The Augustan Space: Rome AD 14 – Dublin 2014

Forum speakers

On the bimillennial anniversary of the death of Augustus, a three-day conference will convene, for the first time in Dublin, the members of the research network Réseau international de recherche et de formation à la recherche dans le domaine de la poésie augustéenne, of which Trinity College has been a participating institution since 2002.

Over twenty research papers will explore aspects of space in the poetry of the Age of Augustus—from conceptualization of the city of Rome to the interior spaces of the domus or the physical settings of particular poems and episodes; from the representation of monuments in literary texts to the spatial organisation of texts, with their internal ‘topographies’ and boundaries; from the ‘archaeological’ construction of particular sites in poetry to psychogeographies that structure personal and collective experience.

Complement to the conference will be an exhibition of visual and textual material reproduced from Trinity College manuscripts and other special collections.

Conference programme

Augustan Poetry Réseau

Commemorating Augustus: Leeds, August 2014

Anna Chahoud - Monica Gale
Conference Administrator: Winifred Ryan

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