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What our students have to say about studying with us

Classics Open Day Students

Venina Kalistratova & Charlie Kerrigan (right)

Venina Kalistratova

“I don't think I chose Classics, I think Classics chose me. I just can’t imagine my life without doing Classics. Why did I choose Trinity? I was looking at Colleges abroad and when I saw Trinity I thought it was the best education I could get because of the language component. I have always been interested in linguistics, so working with Greek and Latin texts, going back to the original, and learning to translate properly was the best option for me.”
The Department is great, the staff are lovely, and there is a sense of community.”

(Venina is from Bulgaria, and took the International Baccalaureate.  She studied single honors Classics and won a prestigious Trinity Foundation scholarship in 2012. She graduated in 2013)

Charlie Kerrigan

“I study History and Latin here in Trinity, and Latin is the part of my degree I do in the Classics Department. The Latin classes are small and there’s a lot of scope for discussion and group activity. 
There’s also a Classical Society which is run by the students and has members from all over campus and not just from Classics. There are weekly events – everything from toga parties to trips abroad. I think that’s a really good thing for the Department.”

(Charlie completed his degree in Latin and History in 2013, and is now a postgraduate student in the Department of Classics. He was auditor of the Classical Society in 2011-12, when it won a prize for best small society in TCD)

Classics Open Day Students

Freya Findlay (right), judging the second level schools' speech competition held in TCD.

Freya Findlay

“I am studying Classics here in Trinity, and it’s the best degree ever. You study everything from poetry, philosophy, drama and comedy …  you do rhetoric, law, love, war!

The teachers are really great, they are interested in what you have to say. The classes are small, you get to know your classmates really well. I would highly recommend it to anyone. I think the four year programme is really great – first year you are settling in, second year you really find your feet, third year you know what you are doing, and fourth year you can really enjoy it – and work hard!”

(Freya is from England, and studied single honors Classics, graduating in 2013)

Cara De La Rosa

Classical Civilisation was an obvious choice for me, as it was one of my favourite subjects in school. I was really excited about taking it to the next level and studying it for four years more intensively.  The fact that there are much smaller classes in Trinity really appealed to me.

You get to do a huge range of topics and texts. So you get to look at art and architecture, then more intensively at poetry and history, philosophy – all of these different things. There’s something really exciting about studying texts that people have been reading for the past 2000 years, and people are still coming up with new ideas about them. I was studying a course in rhetoric this year, and I had the chance to be a judge in a speech competition for senior school students and that was really great.”

(Cara comes from Dublin. She completed her degree in 2012, majoring in Classical Civilisation, with History)

Kate Higgs

“Fourth year in Classics was the highlight of my college experience. For Irish students coming out of the Leaving Cert system, it can take a year or two to fully comprehend the idea of independent thought and research.  Classics at Trinity challenges you, it teaches you to question assumptions, to think critically and creatively, and it opens doors not only to further study but also a myriad of future careers. This realisation only struck me recently as I embarked on a career in Law. It was my grounding in skills acquired in my Classics degree – the ability to think analytically and conduct research, to write succinctly, and to present ideas confidently and lucidly – which ultimately led to my gaining employment in a field that has become more competitive than ever.”

(Kate studied Classical Civilisation, graduating in 2007)

Classics Open Day Students

Claire Dunne participating in an archaeological fieldschool on Crete

Claire Dunne

“I’m studying Ancient History and Archaeology and ancient Greek.  Going to Trinity was a bit of a no-brainer for me because it’s such a prestigious College, globally and here in Ireland. The campus is beautiful but most of all the courses are just perfect.  You get to know everybody, the lecturers know your name, they greet you in the hallway, they help you no matter what both personally and educationally.

I went off to Greece to do field work in Crete in the summer, which was so exciting.  This time last year I never thought I would have the chance to do actual archaeological work.”

(Claire hails from Wexford. She is in her final year, majoring in Ancient History and Archaeology)

Classics Open Day Students

Brendan O'Neill, digging on Crete

Brendan O’Neill

“I returned to College as a mature student. I was made to feel very welcome by the Department and my classmates.   My initial interests were in literature, philosophy and mythology, and I decided to study archaeology to add a practical level to it, and I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of different practical archaeological activities through the Department. I found my courses to be perfect, the two courses complemented each other very nicely.

What I like best about the Department is that the lecturers are very personable, they know each individual student very well. I had the opportunity to do independent research projects as well as a final year thesis. I have just finished my course and I am going to go on and do a master’s in experimental archaeology.”

(Brendan is from Dublin, He graduated in 2012, taking a degree in Ancient History and Archaeology, with Religions and Theology)

Last updated 7 March 2017