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What You Have To Offer


Identify your skills

So what are you good at? The Skills section at Destinations® helps you reflect on the skills you have gained through your studies, your work experience and your extra-curricular activities.


What are the things that interest you?

The majority of us will be working for eight hours a day, five days a week for forty years. It makes sense to choose a career which plays to your interests and your strengths. The more we learn about our interests – what we are passionate about - the more we can place our choice of employment in the context of the type of life we want to lead.

The Interests section of Destinations® will help you to identify your interests and to prioritise them.


What Matters to you in Work?

Now that you know your skills and what you can do, you can begin to explore your options in terms of satisfying work.

Spending time clarifying your values and what matters most to you in the workplace will lead you to a satisfying and motivating career. Once you are set on a course steered by your values, the only way is up.

The Values section in Destinations® will help you identify what is important to you.


What type of person are you?

Learning what type of person you are can help you learn about what type of jobs and tasks you are most suited to perform. This discovery can bring awareness to the situations and work environments where you could find the most satisfaction and happiness.

In addition, knowing your own personality also allows you a greater understanding of how you are the way you are and promotes an understanding of others. This heightened level of awareness can assist you to communicate effectively in your job search and working life. The Personality section of Destinations® will give you an assessment based on Holland’s type and Myers Briggs type indicator.


Match yourself to Jobs

Review your skills, interests, motivation & personality using the self assessment tools noted earlier. This will be helpful in making the right career choice for YOU but the results will also be enormously beneficial when it comes to applying for jobs or attending interviews.

To help you in your process of Self-Assessment try the computerised vocational guidance packages and workbooks and information available in the Careers Information Centre. See Plan your Career for more information.

To match yourself to jobs use Prospects Planner.


International Students - Marketing Yourself to Irish Employers

International students - marketing yourself to Irish employers - for tips for success.



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You've guided me through some fairly scary decisions and situations as I've moved towards finding a career for myself... We're enormously lucky to have you as a Careers Adviser in Trinity and you've had a really positive effect on my life. Many thanks.

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