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Employer Feedback

You prepared your application thoroughly and felt confident that your interview went well but you didn’t get the job. Make sure you have people who support you when things do not go as planned.

Reflect on your experience

Before asking for feedback, ask yourself:

  • Did I come across enthusiastically?
  • Did I meet the essential criteria?
  • Was my work experience relevant?
  • Was it obvious why I applied for the position?

Learn from your experience

Feedback is an important part of developing an effective job search; rather than repeating a behaviour or approach that doesn’t work, it is best to identify the problem and change your strategy. This increases your chances of success the next time round.

In seeking feedback, as well as learning about your approach to the job search you are also learning about the sector to which you are applying. All of this builds your knowledge base, which is a critical factor in a successful job search strategy.

However, not all organisations give feedback, but it is worth asking.

Perhaps you can do the job!

Perhaps you were “appointable” to the position but a candidate with more experience was offered the position. This confirms that you are employable for such a role, and that your approach is successful and with a little luck you will be offered a similar position in the future.

Getting employer feedback

You can seek feedback by phone or by email. Keep it brief. An organisation's response may give you some very useful information on what you need to do differently, if at all, next time.

Top Tips

  • “The big danger is not losing the job - but your self-esteem. Remind yourself it’s your technique that’s being rejected- not you!” Peter Hawkins.
  • Always have plan B, don’t rely on any one job or education/ training option.
  • Keep your conversation with the organisation brief. Time is precious. Listen carefully.
  • Get more experience in the field.
  • Speak with more professionals in the sector.
  • If the organisation policy is not to give feedback, accept this and move on.

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