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Action Plan

Action Plan

This action plan is about you managing your job search. You need to prepare a plan. To do this:

  • Set priorities
  • Decide the actions to take step-by-step
  • Settle on a deadline in each case. Final year students should use the Road Map to identify relevant deadlines
  • Establish which person or resource you need to access to help you achieve your goals.

Below is a sample Job Search Action Plan:

Key Priorities A. Knowing what Job I Want

1. Research Jobs


Ciara McDevitt, Senior Brand Manager, Jameson
Noel Maher, Gift Program - Fidelity
Paul Vance, KPMG, Head of Resourcing
Cara Fallon, (Ex BDO), Recruitment Expert

2. Networking Interviews

By When 1. 31 October
2. 31 December
Key People / Resources

1. Plan your Career
2. Careers Adviser
3. Speak to neighbour in area

Key Priorities B. Continuing Job Search
Actions 1. Update CV & LinkedIn profile
2. Target employers to receive it
By When 1. 30 January
2. 27 February
Key People / Resources 1. Careers Adviser
2. Job Sites / Networking Contact / LinkedIn

Key Priorities C. Get Interviews
Actions 1. Continue to make targeted applications
2. Check adverts
By When 1. 30 June
2. 30 June
Key People / Resources 1. Interview practice facilities at Careers Service
2. Careers website / Job sites


Create your own Job Search Action Plan using this blank Action Plan.


Road Map for Job Search

How to use this Road Map

  • This Road Map highlights deadlines for final years for particular kinds of employers - large, global, professional firms. Final Year may be the best time to apply to these.
  • In the 'real world' closing dates generally occur just before the job is vacant.
  • Jobs in the 'real world' including jobs in the arts / cultural sector, are often part of the 'hidden market' (6 out of 10 jobs) and can be accessed through 'Find the Hidden Jobs'.
  • NB: A career can often incorporate movement / progression to/from/back again between the business / arts / cultural / educational and 'alternate' work. So it is important to be flexible when looking at opportunity.



  • Internships (multinational / London Law Firms)


  • Careers Week
  • Employer Fairs
  • Chartered Accountancy Dublin Presentations & Closing Dates
  • Employer Presentations begin


  • Employer Presentations
  • Dublin Law Firms


  • Presentations - ongoing
  • Closing dates for these firms


  • Interviews
  • Ongoing Recruitment


  • Quiet Time (Exams)
  • Careers Fairs
  • Holidays
  • Reconsider personal strategy
  • Answering adverts


  • You are a Graduate - Ongoing Graduate Recruitment



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Careers Report at is a great way to start brainstorming possible job suggestions for those who have no idea about what type of work they would like. It's based on your strengths, a useful exercise to boost your confidence and widen your perspective.

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