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Frequently Asked Questions


I don't know what I want to do when I leave College. Can you help?

Make a start on exploring your career choice with the help of career planning tools. Complete the online Personal Development Programme which supports you in developing a profile of your skills, interests and values; exploring the options open to you; making decisions and making effective applications.

Is taking time out a good idea?

Explore the opportunities available, pros and cons and find out what employers think.

I'm not interested in the jobs that lead directly from my studies. What are my options?

Many employers are less interested in the subject specific knowledge you gain in College, and more more interested in the skills you have gained.

Read through "Your Degree ... What Next?"

Postgraduate study gives you the opportunity both to specialise in your area of study and to diversify into new areas through more vocational 'conversion' courses

Meet with your Careers Adviser to discuss your next steps.

I'm interested in a specific occupation and want to find out more about the opportunities available. How do I go about it?

Find out where to start your career/job search in 'Start Your Job Search', 'Identify Vacancies' and 'Research Employers' in the Resources section.

Why can't I find any vacancies advertised in my targeted job area?

Many jobs are not advertised - graduates targeting specific high sought after areas have found the creative job search most useful.

Where can I find information on Irish companies recruiting in Ireland?

Start your research with 'Start Your Job Search' on this site, which includes information on further useful resources.

I'm having difficulty securing interviews and job offers. Can you help?

Find out how to present yourself to potential employers through workshops on "Completing Application Forms" and "Interview Skills".

Unsure how to handle 'gaps' in your CV?

Your CV is a 'selling document'. Prioritise the 'skills-based' approach. You do need to account for time spent, showing how obstacles were overcome - a selling point too. Show your Careers Adviser a draft of your efforts, if the situation is complex.

How should I approach selection tests?

Be prepared! Start with article Second Interviews & Assessment Centres

Will I do postgraduate study - taught or research?

Start your research on the options open to you.

I'm concerned about securing funding for postgraduate study.

Find out more about the variety of funding opportunities available.

I am not happy in my course and wish to leave/change - how do I do it?

If you think that you have chosen the wrong course for any reason see your tutor. You can change to a new course within the first few weeks if you have the points, the necessary subject and level of achievement requirements, AND if there is a vacant place.

The Careers Advisory Service may be able to help you identify your options. Make an appointment to meet with your Careers Advsier. It is suggested that you evaluate your interests by completing one of the guidance packages or the online Personal Development Programme, and see Plan Your Career

If you are thinking of leaving TCD and going elsewhere you may need to go back to your school guidance counsellor. Also talk to the Admissions Office of the institution you wish to attend.

If you leave your course before the end of January you may save half of next years fees, if you return to full time further education next year.

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