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GradLink Mentoring Programme

The GradLink mentoring programme is available for Junior Sophisters in a range of schools and will be advertised directly to you.

The GradLink mentoring programme is currently coordinated by the school administration in two Schools, Law and Dental Science. The programme is run in collaboration with Trinity Development & Alumni and the Careers Advisory Service.


What is involved in GradLink?

This is a structured programme that often involves a 'Launch Event' where students hear the mentors talk briefly about their career to date and the choices they have made. The students then request who they would like to be mentored by and if possible, the mentoring relationship begins.

  • The mentors are graduates who have worked for a number of years and have been identified as role models by the discipline.
  • The mentors and mentees meet at least three times over one academic year.
  • The mentor often shares his/her career experiences, advises, guides and informs the mentee. However, it is important that the mentee (student) drives the process; organising meetings, articulating what they would like to gain, what areas they are interested in finding experience in and asking questions etc.
  • Mentoring is available in eight schools.

Below are the lists of Schools participating in the coming academic year with the guidelines for each School. All participating students must attend a workshop after the launch event.



GradLink Guidelines 2017-2018

  • Students / Mentees
  • Alumni / Mentors


School of Dental Science

School of Law

Mentor Testimonials

Mentor Testimonials

Mentees Testimonials

Mentees Testimonials





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