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Your Options with Destinations®

Destinations® and recommended websites include a series of activities and exercises designed to lead you through the career planning process, as part of the SODA model, ie self-awareness, opportunity awareness, decision making and taking action.

SELF-AWARENESS involves identifying and reflecting on your skills, interests, personality and values. Destinations® Self-awareness includes tools to help you.

OPPORTUNITY AWARENESS helps you to identify work and further study options. These links will help you do some desk research to identify your opportunities. Afterwards it is recommended to speak with professionals in the area(s) in which you hope to enter.

DECISION MAKING is a key part of managing your career - Destinations® Decision Making includes tools and techniques to help you decide on what is best for you.

ACTION takes you through the practical application and selection process:

  • Job Search for advice on CVs, cover letters, interviews, assessment centres and lots more.

Please note that Destinations® does not save your answers, you must save and print the work you have done to keep a record of it.

The Career Planning Process is most effectively done with the help of your Careers Adviser. To get the most from your meeting with your Careers Adviser bring along copies of your print-outs eg. Destinations®, Prospects Planner and/or any others.




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