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Before You Apply

Is this the Right Job For You?

Researching work opportunities is an important part of matching yourself to what is available.

  • Find out the main skills, abilities and personal attributes necessary for this type of career.
  • Investigate any related careers.
  • Draft a typical 'day in the life' for the career, including main duties and responsibilities.
  • Establish the main recruiters in the area, eg employers targeting Trinity (register and log in to MyCareer) and Irish and UK publications of graduate employers.
  • Define the entry requirements.
  • Identify any training needed.
  • Read relevant publications in the area.

Analyse that Advert

  • The objective of analysing an advertisement, and a person specification (if supplied), is to obtain as much information as possible about the recruiters requirements.
  • The aim is to tailor your application to reflect the needs of the recruiter and provide the evidence that you are offering what is being sought.
  • Example: If the advert tells you that the recruiter wants team-working, communication, presentation skills, and an ability to work on your own initiative, you must write an application showing how you acquired these through your range of activities - academic, personal, and work experience.
  • Recruiters may not be explicit about their demands. Look for implicit messages in the information provided.

Research the Company

Researching the company will help you to be more effective in your application. Application form questions sometimes probe your level of understanding of their organisation and/or sector.


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