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Action Plan

An action plan is about you managing your job search. To prepare a plan you need to:

  • Set priorities.
  • Decide the actions to take step-by-step.
  • Settle on a deadline in each case.
  • Establish which person or resource you need to access to help you achieve your goals.

Below is a sample Job Search Action Plan:

Key Priorities
A. Knowing What Job I Want

1. Research Jobs


Ciara McDevitt, Senior Brand Manager, Jameson
Noel Maher, Gift Program - Fidelity
Paul Vance KPMG, Head of Resourcing
Cara Fallon (Ex BDO) Recruitment Expert

2. Networking Interviews

By When 1. 31 October
2. 31 December
Key People / Resources 1.
2. Speak to family members, neighbours, other contacts doing this type of work.

Key Priorities
B. Continuing Job Search
Actions 1. Update CV
2. Target employers to receive it
By When 1. 30 January
2. 27 February
Key People / Resources 1. Careers Adviser
2. Websites / Agencies / Newspapers / Networking contacts

Key Priorities
C. Get Interviews
Actions 1. Continue to make targeted applications
2. Check adverts
By When 1. 30 June
2. 30 June
Key People / Resources 1. Interview practice facilities at Careers Service
2. Careers website / agencies / newspapers

Create your own Job Search Action Plan
using this blank Action Plan.



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