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Frequently Asked Questions


What resources can I use to help me find a job in the current climate?

Alumni Careers Network 2010 for recordings of sector briefings and materials.

Focus for Success in Challenging times a downloadable booklet

Tips on how to Recession Proof Your Career

What can I do after my degree?

You have many options. Select your course and read through "Your Degree ... What Next?" for an overview of your skills, links to career planning tools, job profiles related to your discipline and details of what previous graduates have done.

What tips do you have on CVs?

Read through the comprehensive Job Search pages, including everything from finding vacancies to CV & interview.

I'm thinking of changing my job. Can you help?

Read through Change Your Career.

For other FAQs read

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It is great to have your team so committed and willing to give us so much time and expertise.

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