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Employer brochures or occupational profiles are rarely sufficient in themselves to enable students to find out about a career with confidence. Talking to people who work in the field they are considering can bring it alive and help them to judge how they would fit in. Students also learn from the experience of others what employers are looking for. There are four initiatives to which we invite you to contribute. We would be very grateful if you would agree to work with us.


Career Network

Sign up to Front Gate Online, and specifically Careers Network, to share your career related experiences with students.

The Career Network is a database of former Trinity undergraduates and postgraduates, who have volunteered to share their experiences of employment, further study and living abroad, anything career related really. This is to enable students to search for and connect with alumni to ask you about your career experiences and to seek your advice on areas of interest to them. Students value reading graduate profiles and contacting volunteers for more career advice and information.

Students can use the Careers Network to find out about:

  • a specific company/ organisation
  • a particular job
  • employment sectors

and seek inspiration on:

  • what to do with a degree subject
  • living abroad
  • options for further study

So we encourage alumni to sign up and share their knowledge - sign up to Front Gate Online and then Career Network


Online Graduate Stories

  • We also hold graduate stories at the Careers Advisory Service website.
  • The purpose is similar to the database initiative except that you will not be contactable by students, and your details are on the web.
  • If you wish to contribute in this way please complete the Graduate Story form online, by email to or by post. You may wish to include your company logo and/or your photo.


Careers Events / Evenings

  • Trinity Careers Week is held annually in Michaelmas Term. As part of the week long programme of events, alumni participate in one-hour sector-specific career panel discussions, e.g. Media, Film, Publishing, Radio, Journalism, NGO & Development etc.
  • Careers Evenings are organised in collaboration with the Schools and Departments, and involve 4-6 former students speaking informally about the career choices they have made, their experiences since leaving College and advise students on preparing for the world of work. A broad range of graduate jobs are represented.
  • Penultimate and final year students are specifically invited but all students are welcome to attend.

If you are interested in participating in such an event please let us know at and we will be in contact with you.


Mentoring ...

This is a mentoring programme where graduates of a range of schools mentor students.

  • Mentoring occurs when there is a relationship between two people for the purpose of passing on knowledge, experience and offering advice. The mentor shares his/her personal experiences, advises, guides and informs the mentee.
  • The mentors are graduates who have worked for a number of years and have been identified as role models.
  • The mentors and mentees typically meet three times over one academic year.
  • Email contact only is possible for mentors who are not geographically close to Dublin or are not available to physically meet with students through Front Gate Online Career Network.


... at the School of Languages, Literatures & Cultural Studies

  • Mentoring lasts for a period of nine months.
  • Read the mentoring guidelines and get involved!
  • If you are a graduate of the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies, i.e. Centre for European Studies, French, Germanic Studies, Hispanic Studies, Irish and Italian, Russian, and are interested in participating in this initiative please email Careers Adviser Orlaith Tunney or Global Officer Julia Whittredge.
  • Students receive guidelines and a workshop regarding mentoring.


... at the School of Histories & Humanities

  • Mentoring lasts for a period of six months.
  • Read the mentoring guidelines and get involved!
  • If you are a graduate of the School of Histories & Humanities and are interested in participating in such an initiative please email Careers Adviser Sarah Ryan or Global Officer Nonie Gaynor.


If you have any questions on these projects or if we can be of help to you, please contact us at

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The Careers Service always listened to the views of students and were always very friendly. The individual advice as well as the CV and job search workshops were very helpful.

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