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Postgraduate Skills Development Summer School - Panel Discussion - Podcast June 2007

Panel discussing their career choices since graduation . Podcasts are mp3 files and can play in Windows Media Player or iTunes. These podcasts are restricted to TCD Students & Staff.

  • Panelists:
    • Dr Sandra O'Connell, (PhD English), Freelance Writer and Editor (duration: 11mins)
    • Dr Ashley Clements, (PhD Classics), Lecturer, School of Classics, Trinity College (duration: 11:40mins)
    • Dr Sorcha McKenna, (PhD Microbiology) Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company, Dublin (duration: 6:12mins)
    • Dr Katherine Johnson, (PhD Psychology), HRB Research Fellow, School of Psychology, Trinity College (duration: 5:17mins)
  • Questions & Answers (duration: 20:40mins)
    • Q1: Did you need business experience or a business degree to work in consultancy? (time 00:38-2:15)
    • Q2: In consultancy, can you specialise in a particular type of organisation/industry? (time 2:20-6:18)
    • Q3: Is the teaching/research balance changing in academia? (time 6:38-13:50)
    • Q4: How did you make your decision about taking teaching positions versus postdoctoral positions? (time 13:50-19:50)
  • Wrap up by Prof Brian Foley (time 19:50-20:40)

(These presentations are restricted to TCD Students & Staff)

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